Would You Like Free Fries With That?


In celebration of its new "Natural-Cut Fries," Hardee's fast food chain announced that it is giving away free fries during lunch and dinner (or supper, as we Midwesterners call it) this Friday, August 24th. Free Fry-Day doesn't require a purchase or a coupon. Just show up and ask for some fries!

It may not warrant a special trip to the other side of town for an order of free fries, but if you're in the neighborhood........

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Jessica Okon's picture

Hardee's is Carl's Jr on the West Coast, so they might have the same offer.

Guest's picture

but since you made the reference to regional differences in what meals are called I always thought it was funny that here in the deep south we have (in this order) breakfast, dinner and supper. Not a lunch to be found anywhere. Also, when we're not drinking tea sweet enough to qualify as syrup we drink "coke" and only "coke" even if it's orange or tastes like Mountain Dew.

Jessica Okon's picture

I thought the same thing as well Guest, being a Southerner myself. Coke can be Pepsi.

Linsey Knerl's picture

I can't tell you how many times I've shown up way too early for a dinner invitation... I had never even heard of lunch outside of the school cafeteria until I was in my twenties.