WATCH: 7 DIY Fails That Will Inspire You to Call an Expert


What makes a project a good Do-it-yourself candidate? Low-risk, for one: making a collage isn’t going to implode your roof, and cutting up your old denim to make a quilt isn’t going to result in a trip to the emergency room. (Unless of course you forget to take the jeans off before starting…)

But some home projects just shouldn’t be attempted by anyone other than a professional. Don’t believe it? Just watch these crazy DIY fails.

1. Starting with the most obvious potential no-no: demolition. If it involves knocking out support beams, call a contractor and avoid demolishing yourself.

2. If a tree falls on an ill-advised DIY project, does 911 hear it?

3. And for exhibit B that massive trees (especially those next to your lovely house) should be cut down by an expert:

4. Think interior construction is safe? Then check out the results of poor bathroom design in possibly the scariest video yet.

5. What’s worse, not being able to reach the toilet paper, or this painful home improvement fail?

6. Contractors aren’t the only pros you should consider calling for home jobs. Furniture movers can be a solid call too, just ask the guy in this video, as soon as he digs himself out…

7. And finally, a fail for possibly the simplest task in home maintenance as a reminder that anything can be risky when done carelessly. How many dumb DIYers does it take to screw in a lightbulb anyway?

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Guest's picture

Joe, these videos sure did inspire me! LOL

We're currently planning on renovating our house to make room for additional bedrooms. The labor fees, not to mention the materials, are simply too high and we're thinking of how to lessen the cost by doing some of the construction work ourselves. The problem is, none of us truly know what we're doing and your article only proves further that we are in need of an expert. We wouldn't want our roof to come down crashing on our heads!

Joe Epstein's picture

Good! Sometimes laughing at Youtube is the only way to learn.