Walgreens will fill that Ink Cartridge for Free! DEAL OVER


Got a few empty ink cartridges lying around? Want to fill em' for free? Well, pick one (and only one), head in to Walgreens, and let them do it for you!

The Walgreens website has announced a free ink cartridge refill day on September 12th -- that's this Wednesday. While the list is limited to certain Dell, HP, Lexmark, Sharp, Xerox, Primera, and Okidata models only , that is a savings of up to $15! Just click this link , print off the coupon, and bring your old cartridge in to be filled. No purchase necessary. One per household.

Not sure if you have a Walgreens near you? The store locator link is easy to use and you can find it on their website!

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Went to walgreens it took a whole day because of the surge of people. That didn't matter much for me since i couldn't pick it up until the next day at lunch anyway. Normally it only takes 1 hour. Picked it up to day and it cost me nothing. Thanks a bunch. Would have cost me 25 bucks for a new one from staples.

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So glad you could take advantage of the offer... I have a model that wasn't included, so I was out of luck.. amazing how many people were able to get free ink!

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About one year ago I bought a refilled cartridge from these guys and guess what? Yep, it leaked and basically ruined my printer - what a mess! I was one VERY unhappy camper. They offered to replace it for free but I decided to get a different (better) printer and I have stuck to the manufacturer cartridges only since then.

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I've heard of similar deals at other places as well. But not for free.

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My red ink has had to be re-filled (they did it for free) but it just ran out again. I barely use my printer and the other two colors are fine.

Also, I just paid to have the black re-filled. I did a couple of shiny, photo quality prints and the new black ink rubbed off the photos. The HP ink didn't.

Just an FYI.