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It's easy to underestimate the importance and value of a good office chair in the workplace. In a typical workday at an office, it's safe to assume to that for most of that time you're working sitting down at a desk. Spending that much time in an inadequate office chair could spell back problems and physical pain that could be very detrimental to your productivity and overall health in the long-term.

This unfortunate scenario can easily be avoided by investing in a well-designed and comfortable office chair. Wise Think is here to show you the best office chairs worth your money and health with our top 5 list.

What Is an Office Chair?

An office chair is a specific type of chair that's been designed for use with a desk in an office setting. Common features of an office chair include a swivel mechanism, rolling wheels for movement, and adjustable height and angle controls. The most important factors to consider when buying an office chair are comfort, adjustability, and durability. While the best office chairs do carry steep price tags, the investment becomes very worthwhile in the long run, as the exceptional quality of material and features in these models can effectively decrease the chance of spinal problems and increase your overall productivity in the workplace.

Best 5 Office Chairs

Steelcase Leap

While its overall appearance isn't very remarkable, the Steelcase Leap more than makes up for its dull design with its plethora of innovative adjustment options that set a high bar when it comes to an ergonomic office chair. Many users have praised this Consumer Search top pick for its superb LiveBack technology, which helps reduce pressure on the spine by enabling the chair's back to flex and mold to the movements of your back.

The Leap's efficient Natural Glide System allows the seat to move forward as you recline, allowing you to maintain the same visual orientation to your work regardless of your posture. You can even adjust lower-back firmness, lumbar support, and upper-back force of the chair, along with the standard height, depth and armrest adjustments. A standard lifetime warranty helps make the Leap's high price tag easier to bear.

Currently $919.00 on Amazon

Herman Miller Aeron

Another Consumer Search top pick, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair is a very popular option from a well-known office chair brand that provides breathable comfort without sacrificing flexibility. Beyond its sleek modern design, you will find that the Aeron is comprised of a very breathable mesh fabric that's great for keeping you cool throughout an arduous workday.

Not only that, the Aeron's mesh composition is able to conform to your body structure to deliver the most optimal comfort that causes the least stress on your back. There are a good number of adjustment options on this office chair as well, including lumbar support, forward tilt, and seat height, but adding more requires an additional cost. The chair is available in multiple sizes to provide the best fit and also comes with a great 12-month warranty in case any problems arise.

Currently $899.00 on Amazon

Raynor Eurotech Ergohuman LE9ERG

If a leather office chair is your preferred style, then the Raynor Eurotech Ergohuman LE9ERG office chair is the choice for you. Another Consumer Search recommended pick, many users have given lots of praise to the Ergohuman LE9ERG for its tall seat back and its provided headrest, features that make this chair especially ideal for taller individuals.

Users have also noted that the chair's leather material is comfortable but a bit firmer than expected. Beyond the standard adjustments for seat height, depth, and armrest height, this office chair offers an impressively long list of adjustment options, including adjustments for tilt, tension control, lumbar support, back angle, and headrest. While the chair's durability seems to vary with the user, it does come with a lifetime warranty, which should give you some ease of mind.

Currently $650.00 on Amazon

Herman Miller Mirra

The Herman Miller Mirra office chair is another great choice from the renowned Herman Miller brand that specifically incorporates passive adjustment options in its design to "automatically" shape itself to the user to provide the utmost level of comfort with the least amount of effort.

The Mirra comes with a one-piece, frameless TriFlex backrest that naturally conforms and adjusts itself to your spinal structure and movements and provides great support for your entire back. Additionally, the seat cushion is made with a special Airweave suspension that evenly distributes the seat pressure and also provides adequate aeration to keep the seat cool.

Those looking for a simpler and cheaper alternative to the Aeron won't be disappointed by the Mirra.

Currently $639.00 on Amazon

IKEA Markus

For those who want a quality office chair but can't afford the high price tags, the IKEA Markus is a solid option that provides remarkable comfort at a much more affordable price.

This high-backed office chair is comes with a breathable mesh back and is offered in variety of colors.While it doesn't have as many features or adjustment options as the high-end models, the IKEA Markus is surprisingly comfortable for an office chair in its price range, as the curved back design provides decent support for your spine. The chair's design also makes it hard to slouch, which may encourage better seat posture. Its only adjustment options include seat height and tilt.

It may not be the most feature-packed or durable office chair, but for the price, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better option than the IKEA Markus.

Currently $199.00 on

And those are our recommendations for the best office chairs. As always, be sure to check out the Wisebread Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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Beth Buczynski's picture

Hmmm...these look awesome but not very accessible for peeps on a budget!! We need a part 2 of this list with $200 and below options :)

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chair reviews

Great recommendations overall. I'd like to add the Embody Chair to the list. It is from the same manufacturer that makes the Aeron and was actually designed to surpass it. It is not as popular as Aeron though, probably owing the price, which is well over $1000.
EuroTech ErgoHuman is another top chair that was rightly included in this list, Note that you can also find it with a mesh back. Handy if you don't like to sweat in the chair.
As for Ikea Markus, it is only chair in this article I'm not so sure about. It is a budget chair for sure but what I read about it tells me that the back support may not the best for the price. It is certainly not a bad chair but perhaps somewhat overrated for what it has to offer. There are other good chairs that are not much more expensive than IKEA Markus that you should at least consider. One is WorkPro Commercial Mesh Ergonomic Chair. Looks sleek with lumbar support and a range of adjustments. It's a new product, though so I am sure about the long-term durability. Another budget option is Alera Elusion Chair.

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<a href="">Fred<a>

Nice list, but I wish I can find something less expensive.