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Whether you're constructing a house or working on a DIY project at home, an electric drill is easily one of the most versatile and valuable tools to have in your toolbox. Although we may tend to most commonly think of them as merely more sophisticated screwdrivers or hole makers, a good electric drill with the right accessories can also be used to sand, polish, and grind materials and can ensure that your project gets done right and done fast overall.

Wise Think is here to help you find the perfect electric drill for your needs with our top five list.

What Is an Electric Drill?

An electric drill is a handheld, motor-powered tool that uses an attached drill bit or driver bit on its chuck to bore holes into various materials or to drive screws to fasten materials together. Electric drills are available in both cordless and corded varieties. Cordless electric drills are powered by a rechargeable battery and give you the portability and freedom to use it wherever you want, which often makes them the more preferred option.

Although corded electric drills are limited in how far away they can be from the nearest electrical outlet, you'll never have to worry about running out of power when using them, and they can sometimes be more powerful than the cordless drills. Because electric drills come in many different power levels and speeds, it's important to know what tasks you'll want to accomplish with the electric drill in order to find the one that will best fit your needs.

Best 5 Electric Drills

DeWalt DCD780C2

As a Consumer Search top pick, the Dewalt DCD780C2 is a top-notch cordless electric drill that has impressed both experts and consumers with the powerful, long-lasting performance that it packs within a comfortably compact design. With a ½-inch chuck size, two speed ranges and 15 clutch settings, many users agreed that this 20-volt drill provides enough torque to tackle medium-sized jobs to the satisfaction of both casual homeowners and professional builders.

Users were also very happy with the DCD780C2's rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which take less than half an hour to charge and can last throughout a day's work. A surprisingly lightweight design and an easy-to-hold grip round out the superb package that this Dewalt drill can deliver.

Currently $167.99 on Amazon

Makita BHP454

For the bigger projects that require even more power and speed, the Makita BHP454 is the best cordless electric drill for getting those tougher jobs done. Along with a two-speed metal transmission and 16 different clutch settings, this Consumer Reports top pick features a mighty four-pole motor that can deliver up to 560 inch pounds of torque. And yet with all this power, this drill only weighs five pounds and is just under 10 inches in length.

In addition, its compact lithium-ion battery pack is remarkably efficient, capable of delivering a day's worth of power with just a 30-minute charge. The BHP454 also comes with a Shift-Lock drive system, which allows it to switch into an effective hammer drill, giving you the nice value of having two tools in one. Two handy LED lights come standard with this drill as well to help illuminate your work area in the dark.

Currently $314.98 on Amazon

Hitachi DS14DSFL

Named a Consumer Reports Best Buy, the Hitachi DS14DSFL is an exceptional choice for homeowners and consumers looking for a cordless electric drill that gets the job done without breaking the bank. Users absolutely love the DS14DSFL's sleek design which weighs significantly less than most heavy-duty drills, coming in at just 4.4 pounds. Despite its low weight, this Hitachi drill can still deliver a vigorous performance, one that's capable of outputting up to 300 inch pounds of torque with four different speed ranges and 22 drive settings.

Combined with a slim soft grip handle, this light-duty drill is a delight to hold and use. The DS14DSFL’s lightweight 14.4-volt lithium-ion batteries provide a long runtime that takes only 40 minutes to recharge. It also comes packaged with a handy flashlight for some extra value and utility.

Currently $78.36 on Amazon

Milwaukee 0240-20

If you want a powerful electric drill that doesn't burden you with having to recharge its batteries all the time, then the Milwaukee 0240-20 corded electric drill is the best choice for you. While it lacks the bells and whistles found on other high-end models, this Milwaukee drill more than makes up for it with its mighty 8 amp motor, which provides an optimal blend of speed and torque with a wide speed range of 0-2,800 RPM that's perfect for drilling through most dense materials.

An all-metal gear case provides more than adequate protection for the drill's gears during arduous use for the utmost durability. Thanks to a soft grip handle and a two-finger trigger, it also pleases owners with its great handling.

Currently $79.00 on Amazon

Black and Decker DR260B

As an Amazon Best Seller, the Black and Decker DR260B is another excellent choice for a corded electric drill that's low on price and high on features and convenience. Built with the everyday homeowner in mind, the DR260B is one of the most compact electric drills you can buy, and its small size makes it incredibly ideal for working in those cramped, hard-to-reach areas of your home.

The DR260B manages to pack a 5.2 amp motor with a variable speed range of 0-1,500 RPM inside its compact design, enabling it to provide enough power for all your home improvement needs. Last but not least, this ultra-convenient drill comes with a slew of handy features, including a built-in level, on-board bit storage, and a keyless chuck that allow for easy bit switching.

Currently $18.99 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best electric drills. As always, be sure to check out the Wise Think Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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