The 5 Best Door Locks


Most people would agree that one of the things they think is most important is the security of their home. But while it's nearly impossible to stop someone that is determined to break into your home, smart steps can be taken in order reduce the likelihood and possibility that someone will. Deadbolt locks are amongst the most common form of door locks, and a good deadbolt can go a long way to keeping would-be robbers out of your home.

What Is a Door Lock?

Door locks come in many different forms, but most locks covered in this article will be in the form of a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt is defined as a locking mechanism where the bolt is incapable of moving without turning the lock cylinder. There is a lot of jargon to learn when it comes to picking out a new deadbolt lock. Single cylinder deadlocks accept a key at one end and are operated by a thumb turn on the other, typically interior, end. In terms of security, industry rankings, known as ANSI Grades, range from 1-3, with 1 being most secure.

Best 5 Door Locks

Baldwin 380 Single Cylinder Round Deadbolt

This Baldwin single cylinder deadbolt lock features a solid brass deadbolt latch whose security rating is rated at ANSI Grade 2. The polished brass finish gives the deadbolt a nice classic look that complements a wide range of doorknob sets. Users appreciate the quality of the deadbolt as well as how easy it is to install.

Currently $34.50 on Amazon

Medeco Single Cylinder Maxum Deadbolt Lock

Well-recommended by Consumer Reports, this Medeco single cylinder deadbolt features a top ANSI Grade 1 security rating. When it comes to the security provided by deadbolts, the largest critique is their inability to protect against drilling and prying break-ins. This Medeco deadbolt sets itself apart from the competition by having anti-drilling and anti-prying features.

Currently $149.50 on Amazon

Schlage Camelot Keypad Accent Lever Door Lock

The Schlage Camelot door lock features an ANSI Grade 2 security rating. Aside from its basic hardware specifications, the keypad system gives it a number of additional electronic features. Firstly, the keypad allows for keyless entry, as well as the ability to program up to 19 unique user codes. Additionally, the flex lock functionality allows the lock to be set automatically after five seconds, or remained unlocked.

Currently $129.00 on Amazon

Kwikset 985 Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This Kwikset double cylinder deadbolt features an ANSI Grade 1 security rating and a hand-rubbed bronze finish that looks great on any door. If you're looking for even greater levels of security from your deadbolt lock, then a double cylinder deadbolt does a better job than a single cylinder. Double cylinder deadbolts are operated by a key on both sides of the lock.

Currently $33.74 on Amazon

Schlage B60N619 Deadbolt

This single cylinder deadbolt from Schlage is a favorite amongst users. With easy installation, an ANSI Grade 1 security rating and a brushed nickel finish, this Schlage deadbolt is a classic door lock that gets the job done.

Currently $29.92 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best door locks. As always, be sure to check out the Wise Think Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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