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If you’ve ever used a pair of headphones in your lifetime, then you must have dealt with, at one point or another, the troublesome cord that finds ways disrupt your auditory enjoyment. More often than not, these annoying cords are getting your headphones caught and knocked off by some random nook, or they become a tangled mess that requires some elaborate manipulation to undo. Fortunately, wireless Bluetooth headphones are a newly available option that finally cut the cord and give you the freedom to listen to your music without being tethered to your devices. Wise Think is here to show you the best Bluetooth headphones you should consider with our five best Bluetooth headphones list.

What Are Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are essentially wireless stereo headphones worn on or over the ears that use the Bluetooth radio frequency to connect to compatible electronic devices. While Bluetooth headphones can’t compare to the audio quality of wired headphones due to the Bluetooth technology’s inherent audio compression, the audio quality of the best Bluetooth headphones can still be quite impressive if you’re not a devoted audiophile. Most Bluetooth headphones also come with a built-in microphone that allows for hands-free calling when connected to a smartphone. A wired connection cable is also included with most models to allow you to connect the headphones to non-Bluetooth devices. Beyond audio quality, comfort and design are also important factors to consider when choosing Bluetooth headphones.

Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones

Harman Kardon BT

The Harman Kardon brand is well known for producing exceptional audio equipment that blends superb audio quality with unique, modern designs; and the Harman Kardon BT Bluetooth headphones definitely lives up to the brand name in both respects. This Consumer Search top pick has received great acclaim for its best-in-class music performance, with many users praising its capability to produce crisp, clear sounds and impressively deep bass despite its Bluetooth audio limitations. While its sophisticated look may not be for everyone, its signature design does include two adjustable headbands and memory foam ear pads that allow for a very comfortable and snug fit that’s good at keeping noise out as well. Its USB-rechargeable battery can last up to 12 hours on a single charge, and an included bypass connector cable can extend its battery life even more when connected to a playback device.

Currently $178.00 on Amazon

Bose AE2w

The Bose AE2w is an excellent set of Bluetooth headphones from another renowned audio equipment brand that offers outstanding sound performance along with intuitive features. Sound quality from the AE2w has all the great elements you’d expect from a Bose headset, including good definition and wonderful dynamics. Its closed, lightweight design with cushioned ear cups makes the headphones very comfortable to wear and provides some nice noise isolation as well. A detachable Bluetooth control module is also integrated into its design, providing power, volume, and Bluetooth controls along with a special multifunction button that can control the music settings on your connected devices. The AE2w is also able to connect with two devices simultaneously. Not only that, but it can also automatically pause the media on one device to allow you to take an incoming call from your smartphone and then resume the media when you’re done.

Currently $249.95 on Amazon

Parrot Zik

If you don’t mind its high price tag, then the well-reviewed Parrot Zik headphones offer you a premium set of Bluetooth headphones that looks as good as they sound. While many users agree that the Zik headphones are able to deliver an astounding sound performance, they also highly recommend downloading the Parrot Audio Suite app in order to get the best sound quality from these headphones. One of the Zik’s most exclusive features is its head detection sensor that allows it to automatically pause and resume a phone call based on when you remove the headphones. The Zik’s visually striking design integrates a touch-sensitive control panel onto the right ear cup, allowing you to control your music with a simple swipe. Other notable features include active noise cancellation technology that effectively blocks out unwanted noises and built-in NFC technology for more wireless connectivity options.

Currently $353.45 on Amazon

Jabra REVO

The Jabra REVO is another very well-reviewed option on Amazon that delivers a remarkably feature-heavy set of Bluetooth headphones that comes at a more affordable price. While the sound quality on these headphones are impressive in their own right, the REVO is similar to the Parrot Zik in that what really sets it apart from the rest is its incredible array of exclusive features. Along with Bluetooth connectivity, you can also wirelessly connect your devices to REVO via NFC technology. These headphones also come with touch controls on the headphone turntable that allow you to control your music and your phone calls. Additionally, you can download the Jabra Sound app to enable Dolby Digital Plus enhanced sound as well as to manage your music library and EQ. All these features are wrapped into a very stylish, durable design that’s sits comfortably on your ears and can fold up for convenient storage.

Currently $204.39 on Amazon

MeElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Runaway

With a Consumer Search top recommendation as well as a 4½-star rating on Amazon averaged from over 700 reviews, the MeElectonics Air-Fi AF32 Runaway is undoubtedly one of the best values for Bluetooth headphones that you can find today, as it delivers a sub-$100 option with superb sound quality and outstanding battery life. Many users have said that the sound quality for both music and calls on the Runaway is actually quite terrific and definitely much better than what they expected from a pair of low-cost Bluetooth headphones, with most of its downsides being attributed to the Bluetooth’s audio limitations. The Runaway also has a nicely stylish design that has accessible controls and is also comfortable on the ears, although some say it does tend to slip off your head a bit. Last but not least, the Runaway will allow you to listen to your music all throughout your entire day, thanks to its incredible 12-hour battery life.

Currently $49.99 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best Bluetooth headphones. As always, be sure to check out the Wise Think Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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