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Bicycling is a widely enjoyed activity that carries a multitude of health benefits along with being a very environmentally friendly means of transport. However, riding a bicycle also requires wearing the proper safety equipment to ensure that the rider is well protected when accidents happen. A bicycle helmet is an especially crucial accessory that all bicyclists should have on that'll decrease their risk of severe head injuries.

While choosing a good bicycle helmet may seem easy enough, there are actually many important elements to consider. We here at Wise Think have done the research for you, and we're happy to present our top five list of the best bicycle helmets you can buy.

What Is a Bicycle Helmet?

A bicycle helmet is a safety device worn on the head that's designed to protect the user from severe head injuries in cases when the user falls off of a bicycle as well as to eliminate interference in the user's peripheral vision when riding a bicycle. The most ideal bicycle helmets come with a lightweight design, good ventilation, and a comfortable fit.

Bicycle helmets come in a wide variety of different designs, with some models specifically tailored to fit female riders and children. It is very important for bicyclists to wear a bicycle helmet while riding for their own personal safety. Certain U.S. states and international countries have established laws making it illegal to not wear a bicycle helmet while riding a bike.

Best 5 Bicycle Helmets

Giro Aeon

An ideal option for devoted bicyclists, the Giro Aeon is a Consumer Search top pick that provides an incredibly comfortable and lightweight bicycle helmet that looks just as good as it feels. One of the Aeon's most popular features is its innovative Roc Loc 5 fit system that comes with a micro-adjusting dial and a three-position bracket. Together, they let you easily adjust the helmet's tightness and vertical position with just one hand while you're riding for the most satisfying fit.

Thanks to a one-piece exoskeleton design that merges an impact-absorbing EPS inner lining with a polycarbonate outer shell, the Aeon is capable of providing excellent protection without being a burden to wear. This helmet also incorporates a special WindTunnel ventilation system into its design that optimally channels cool air over the user's head and forces hot air out to prevent overheating.

Currently $186.98 for a medium size on Amazon

Specialized Echelon II

The Specialized Echelon II bicycle helmet delivers a worthy update to the original Echelon, which was a Consumer Reports top pick, that will surely please riders who want an advanced bicycle helmet with a more affordable price tag. Don't let the Echelon II's sleek, lightweight design fool you; this helmet is equipped with a composite matrix internal reinforcement structure that effectively protects your head during accidents along with providing larger air vents for more efficient cooling.

The Echelon II also comes with a micro-adjustable dial and four different height options that you can easily adjust while riding. A Tri-Fix web splitter makes adjusting the helmet's side straps wonderfully simple, and reflective decals are incorporated into the helmet's design to ensure optimal visibility during nighttime rides.

Currently $65.00 on Specialized's official website

Giro Skyla

Another Consumer Search top pick, the Giro Skyla is a bicycle helmet made just for female riders that offers outstanding protection and comfort along with a terrific female-oriented design. Like many of Giro's quality helmets, the Skyla is comprised of an in-molded construction that combines an inner foam liner with an outer polycarbonate shell complete with 20 air vents that allows the helmet to be very protective as well as lightweight and breathable.

Not only does it come with an Acu Dial fit system that lets riders adjust the helmet's fit while riding with just a single hand, many female users appreciate how the Skyla's dial system is placed slightly lower on the helmet to provide room for the ponytails of longer-haired riders without obstructing access to the dial itself. Users also praise the Skyla for being especially adept at fitting smaller heads comfortably.

Currently $35.99 on Amazon

Bontrager Solstice Youth

As both a Consumer Reports and a Consumer Search top pick, the Bontrager Solstice Youth bicycle helmet is an excellent choice for young bicyclists that delivers superb protection along with a number of kid-friendly features. The Solstice Youth has received top scores from both experts and consumers alike in the safety department, thanks to its sturdy in-molded shell design that ensures the child's head is very well protected from any impact.

It also manages to be lightweight and well ventilated and can accommodate long haired children as well. With the built-in Micro-Manager fit system, this helmet can fit any head size snugly and comfortably with a simple turn of the dial. To further appeal to child riders, the Solstice Youth comes in a number of fun colors that'll certainly appeal to their tastes.

Currently $44.99 on Bontrager's official website

Giro Indicator

For casual bicyclists who want a good quality bicycle helmet, the Consumer Search recommended Giro Indicator bicycle helmet is a standout choice that's both fairly low-cost and high in value. Although it comes in only one universal size, the Indicator is effectively constructed with a lightweight in-molded hardbody and a Acu Dial fit system to provide optimal protection while maintaining the most comfortable fit that you can easily adjust.

While the helmet's 20 air vents allow for great ventilation for rides on hot days, some users like how the helmet can also accommodate additional headgear underneath it for added insulation on colder days. This durable and versatile helmet is available in a variety of sleek designs and colors that goes well with your sporty lifestyle.

Currently $39.99 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best bicycle helmets. As always, be sure to check out the Wise Think Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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