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Since high school I’ve carried a water bottle with me just about everywhere. Through my early work years Nalgene was the bottle of choice — until it was revealed that there was the hormone altering chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in them. At that time I switched to stainless steel reusable bottles, which I loved because I felt that they were the safest option for a chemical free water bottle. While stainless bottles are great, water can get a metallic taste if left in the bottle for too long. So, I made the switch to glass water bottles — and got a Lifefactory glass bottle about a year ago.

Why I Own a Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

I own the glass water bottle because I don't want any chemicals in my water. And the best way to avoid chemicals in your water is to use a reusable bottle that doesn’t leach chemicals like BPA into it. After using stainless steel water bottles for a while I decided I wanted to try a glass water bottle instead. I looked up reviews on Amazon and the very best rated bottle was the Lifefactory bottle. People were huge fans of the design and silicone sleeve. I have been using it for almost a year now, and it’s great.

What's Great About It

There are multiple things that I love about my Lifefactory bottle. First it doesn't contain BPA phthalates or any other chemicals. Second, the silicone cover prevents slipping and prevents it from breaking if I drop it. Third, there are good lid options. And finally, I have great tasting water.

It Has an Amazing Non-Slip Silicone Cover

I love the silicone slipcover — it is probably the bottle’s greatest feature. When you're carrying the bottle the silicone does a great job of preventing the bottle from slipping from your hand. Even if the bottle does tip over, the silicone protects the bottle from breaking. I have dropped the bottle numerous times, and it has yet to scratch. (Contrast this to my extremely dented stainless steel water bottles.)

I use the Lifefactory glass bottle mostly at my office, and I found with other water bottles condensation would build up on the bottle and drip onto my desk and on papers. It created quite a mess. The nonslip silicone cover does a good job of preventing a lot of the condensation buildup.

The Caps and Lids Are Amazing

Lifeactory now makes multiple lids for their water bottles. I have the flip cap, which has a narrow mouth spout for easy drinking. It is made of silicone with polypropylene. There's a handle, which makes it really easy to carry around. The only challenge with the flip is that it is not completely leakproof. I have never tested it, but based on the structure I would not put the bottle filled with water In my purse with my phone or computer. (It seals pretty well, but it just seems like it could detach easily.) There is also a new straw for the Lifefactory bottle, which I haven't yet tried, but I think this would be a good option for if you take the bottle exercising.

It Makes for Great Tasting Water

The best reason to switch from a plastic or stainless bottle to a glass bottle is that the water always taste great. What does it taste like? It tastes just how water should taste — like water.

What It Compares To

The Lifefactory glass water bottle is one of very few glass water bottles currently on the market. Another option I looked at when considering buying a glass bottle was a six-pack of Aquasana glass water bottles. However, these water bottles did not have the silicone sleeve or an easy-to-drink-from spout. Also, the Aquasauna bottles are 18 ounces instead of 22 ounces.

There are now two other options similar to the Lifefactory bottle on the market — the Takeya classic water bottle with the silicone sleeve and Ello glass water bottle. Based on the reviews, it appears that people prefer Lifefactory for better caps and lids, but some people prefer the Takeya’s design.

Who It Is Best For

The Lifefactory glass water bottle is best for people who are looking for a reusable water bottle and would keep the bottle primarily in one place. For example, if you're looking to have a water bottle just at your office or just at your house or mostly in your car I would highly recommend the Lifefactory glass water bottle. I would be a little hesitant to carry the glass water bottle with me on a hiking trip because of the added weight.

How It Could Be Better

The only improvement I would make with my Lifefactory bottle is if I could have both the flip cap for easy drinking but a regular lid for storage if I wanted to take my bottle from place to place and ensure that it wouldn't leak.

Bottom Line Recommendation

The Lifefactory glass water bottle is best for anyone looking for a safe and healthy water bottle that is unlikely to break and is easy to drink from.

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