Quick Notes: A Bonus Holiday Bonus?


This is for all of you who just so happen to A) get paid every two weeks and B) got paid at the end of the first week of December. Congratulations, my lucky friends! You get an extra paycheck this month.

So what can you do with this extra cash in your pocket? We here at Wise Think have a few great ideas for you. After finishing up your holiday shopping, why not finally start that emergency fund? Or, plan for the future and set a chunk aside to help you supercharge your retirement. If you're one of the millions of Americans in debt this holiday season, a little extra money could be the helpful step foward you need to start paying it off for good. You could also help out those less fortunate and consider giving back.

How will you spend your extra paycheck?

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Will Chen's picture

I'm guessing you are one of those lucky people hmmmm.... ?

Guest's picture

Unfortunately I only get two checks this month. I got three back in September.

Sarah Winfrey's picture

...yes *sheepish grin* But I didn't really realize it until yesterday.