Link Love was made for You and Me


Where would Wisebread be without all of its loyal readers and those that link to it? I shudder to even think about it. And so, dear lovers of all things frugal, I present another episode of Wisebread authors, and the women and men that love them.

We know that love comes in all shapes and sizes, but big love is much appreciated. Especially when it comes in the form of very honorable mentions by the Consumerist. Jessica Harp’s medical debt article was included on the Consumerist's Daily PF Roundup.

Other lovers (who will not go nameless) include’s special mention of Andrea Dickson’s “Earn More Money by Demanding It” article and Treehugger’s inclusion of Paul Michael in their Precycling of Batteries segment.

The Simple Dollar gave our newest member Nora Dunn some love with her video gaming workout piece. If Dance Dance Revolution is the wrong way to burn calories, we don’t want to be right!

Thanks for including Philip Brewer’s 401K article in the Juxtaviews Weekly Roundup! We see that we had some good company in that feature!

Something Good didn’t mention if Linsey Knerl’s FDCPA article fell into the interesting, inspiring or intriguing category, but we are sure that we would be considered both grateful and appreciative for linking to us!

Foundclothing reciprocated some linkage with their endorsement of Justin Ryan’s blog here on Wisebread. Now that we’ve linked back and forth to the 3rd generation… Tag, You’re it!

Frank Gilroy gave us a nice mention in his Beta blog. Helps to know people, doesn’t it Philip?

Link love wouldn’t be complete without the heartfelt shoutout to Lifehacker. Their mention of Myscha Tehriault’s bathroom spa experience may just motivate us to finally redo that half-bath.

Dumb Little Man proves that they are smarter than the average Joe by including a few Wisebread pieces in their "transform your career" post.

Mental Floss proves that there really is life before air conditioning, and linked to Linsey Knerl’s survival piece to drive the point home!

Philip Brewer's Dutch wife also caught the eye of Patrick over at Cash Money Life's Personal Finance roundup.

Diary of a Conservationist did a nice piece on the Frugal Lifestyle, mentioning Philip Brewer's Frugality article. I am deeply considering letting my yard become a small forest as a result!

Thanks for a terrific couple of weeks! We look forward to seeing what else our fans come up with. And if we’ve left someone out, please email us at We’ll give you the love you deserve!

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Will Chen's picture

I do love DDR and I don't want to be right.  =)

Guest's picture

Well get excited, because you were also featured in Diary of a Conservationist on Aug. 23. Okay, I don't have too many readers yet : )

Linsey Knerl's picture

We have added your contribution!  You have a great blog there!