Is this the weirdest freebie ever?


Anyone who knows me knows I'm no fan of WalMart. Aside from their horrific treatment of workers and the impact they have on the economy, their stores just suck all the energy out of me. Which is why I don't go there. But a friend told me today of a WalMart Exclusive DVD that made me laugh out loud. Seriously, this one is a killer. It's the Clueless Whatever! Widescreen Edition DVD with, wait for it, FREE TRANSFORMERS BEACH BALL!

I had to stop and think about that one (after I stopped laughing). Why have these two seemingly unrelated movies been thrown together? And not just that, but two completely different target audiences as well. As someone in advertising, I was clueless (pardon my pun).

Why Clueless and Transformers?

Why Transformers and a beach ball?

Why bother with a Widescreen edition of Clueless (it's hardly Blade Runner or Apocalypto)?

So I sat down and scratched my head some more, pulling the few remaining hairs out of my noggin. And then it hit me. It's supposed to bring two completely opposed target audiences together, right? No, that can't be it. Hang on, I have it...the movie is called Clueless, the promotion should be clueless! Bravo, wonderful idea WalMart. That's why you're the leader of retail. With that in mind I have some more DVD promotions for you. My treat, use them as you see fit.

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Clueless rocks!

Paul Michael's picture

but all I was saying was that seeing it in widescreen hardly adds anything. I'd say the same for a lot of comedies, including laugh-fests like Dumb & Dumber.

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#1 - I'd be surprised if they could GIVE that DVD away!
#2 - I like your combos much better! LOL!!

Linsey Knerl's picture

I'm still waiting for my DVD of "Inconvenient Truth" with free Matchbox Hummer3 to arrive from Amazon.

Paul Michael's picture

I know you guys can come up with even funnier combos than I did. Send them in, pictures too (but let's keep it fairly clean, ok? Nothing R rated). I can't wait to see them.

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I used to work for Hasbro and when the Transformers movie first came out we got a special viewing. At the theater those beach balls---same colors and all---were handed out.

The Transforming pen was a much better premium.

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here at work, I've been advised that the target audiences may not been that off-base. They're both teen movies, they're both light entertainment. I'd have to bow to that one somewhat, but COME ON! They couldn't think of anything better to give to mostly teenage girls than a Transformer ball? Still sounds like they were just trying to recycle some old junk.

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It's one way of cleaning out the warehouse!!!!! Then again, I was just thinking that with all the recalls for toys that perhaps this was some sort ploy to unload more Chinese garbage on us. You know, if they give it away they don't have to pay to have it hauled off themselves????? I dunno....just my warped ideas finding their way to the screen I guess.

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I suspect it's earily close to the truth. Not that WalMart would unload Chinese crap on us. Oh no. Hey, what was that sound? I think it was Sam Walton turning in his grave. 

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Clueless came out mid-90s, targeted to teens. People who were teenagers at the time probably have kids now themselves. Assuming the same audience is going to buy this Clueless, it's nice to get something for their own kids too.

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Why a Transformers beach ball? The beach ball transforms from a flat piece of vinyl into (ta-da) a bouncy sphere!

Why a Transformers beach ball with the movie "Clueless?" Given name of the movie I think it's a perfect match.

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Maybe the idea is that you can get something for your teen-aged daughter but ALSO get something (something lame, but still...) for your somewhat younger son?

Paul Michael's picture

However, I have to go with my gut on this one. They were getting rid of old junk. Anyone from the marketing department of Paramount out there?

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I really liked the ones you put together. I think my favorite was the Denise Austin exercise video with free hamburger giveaways. Very funny, hahaha!

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Very postmodern indeed.