How to Get 5-20% Cashback on... Pretty Much Everything


You know how some cashback credit cards make you jump through hoops or cut through forests of red tape in order to actually take advantage? Well the Discover it doesn’t. In fact, it has so many participating retailers agreeing to give you 5-20% on purchases, you can buy the hoops, and the tape, and pretty much whatever else you want, from wherever you want.

Seriously: the Discover It card gives you cash back on over 200 online retailers. And these aren’t obscure, “we’re offering them because you’ll never use them” retailers. These are the Best Buys, Banana Republics, Brookstones, and Bloomingdale’s of the world (…and that’s just the B’s).

If you're shopping at these places already, it makes no sense to not sign up for a Discover it card and start saving today!

Here are a few of the 200+ retailers where you can get 5-20% cashback by shopping through the ShopDiscover portal using your Discover it card.

Watch this quick 90-second video to learn how ShopDiscover works.

ShopDiscover video

Need any more reason to save? Sign up for a Discover it card today.