Homemade Sunblock and 6 Other Non-Toxic Recipes to Get Your Skin Sun-Ready


As the days get brighter and the nights warm up, we're spending more and more time outdoors. Summer is the prime season for enjoyment and activity, but it's also the height of painful sunburns. I'm trying to become more conscious and careful about the lotions and salves I slather onto my body. Sometimes, even the most natural sunblocks contain more harmful ingredients than I'd like to see. (See also: Cheap and Simple Sunburn Remedies That Really Work)

The following "recipes" are all natural and non-toxic. After the initial investment in a few key ingredients, they are sure to give your store bought 'block a run for its money.

1. Sunblock With Zinc Oxide

This thick and creamy sunblock melts like butter onto your skin. The SPF rating is at least 20, if not higher. You may even have some of the required ingredients — coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, etc. — already in your kitchen and bath cabinets. (Ingredients are measured in grams, so here's a converting calculator to switch to cups.)

2. Bronzing Bars

If you'd like a natural tan look with your protection, these DIY Bronzing Bars are for you! A reader suggested including coffee infused oil for that bronzing effect. Bonus? They double as bug repellent!

3. Soothing Sunblock

This next mix contains aloe, which soothes burns. It's rated around 30-40 SPF, so great for a day at the beach or out at a backyard barbecue. You can choose to use either carrot seed or raspberry seed oil, with raspberry having more SPF power.

4. Fragrance Block

This sweet smelling sunblock has a hefty dose of essential oils in it — 40-50 drops to be exact. For me, I'd take the opportunity to do a mix of lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus to get some natural allergy relief from all that pollen flying through the air.

5. Foundation SPF

I'm super excited to try this homemade foundation and sunblock in one! The color comes from a custom mix of cinnamon and cocoa powder.

6. Tinted Mix

If you'd rather add a more subtle color to your sunblock, this tinted mix will do the trick. It uses iron oxide powder for those who have a darker natural completions. It blends better on skin with fewer noticeable streaks.

7. Cooling Burn Treatment

If you haven't had a chance to make any of these protective recipes, you might have a nasty burn to contend with. Try freezing aloe juice in ice cube trays. When you get a burn, pop a few cubes out of the freezer and enjoy the soothing sensation.

What's your favorite homemade sunblock recipe? Please share in comments!

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