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Wise Think is celebrating its 7th year anniversary this November. We wouldn't be here without your amazing support. Your thoughtful comments and stories turned our little blog into a thriving community.

As our way of saying thank you, in the last 7 years we've given away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes to hundreds of Wise Think readers. We enjoyed giving back to our community and would love to do much more!

That's why we're applying for a $250,000 small business grant from the Mission Main St contest, hosted by Chase and Google. If we win this grant, we can:

  • Offer bigger and more exciting prizes in our giveaways.
  • Enhance your reading experience by getting rid of more ads.
  • Produce more free educational materials to improve your finances.

You can help by simply clicking on this link and then clicking on the "vote now" button. It will only take 5 seconds of your time.

Thank you for all your support!

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Jennifer S

Is there a way to do this without Facebook or other social media sites? I'd like to vote for you, but am not on any social media sites right now.

webmaster's picture

Thank you for your support Jennifer! Unfortunately at this time we can't figure out a way to vote without using Facebook. No worries, just knowing that you are willing to vote for us means a lot already. Thank you so much. =)