FinCon13 Recap: Rapping, Scavenger Hunts, Interviews, and More!


#FinCon13 has come and gone and like most attendees, I'm going through withdrawals! The conference was amazing and Phil Taylor of PT Money and his team did an awesome job putting on the conference. Here are some of my highlights from the weekend!

The conference kicked off on Thursday with an awesome welcome party. I had a great time talking to Jean Chatzky, Chrissy from Charles Schwab, Karen from Money Saving Enthusiast, Charlie and Taylor from CouponPal, and many more! After many amazing conversations, I helped Kevin McKee from Thousandaire kick off the Plutus Awards by rapping a parody of Thrift Shop. Kevin is a genuis and gave me some hilarious lyrics to perform. Here is the video:

I wasn't quite sure how my rapping would go over since I've never rapped for an audience before in my life (let's face it, rapping Eminem songs alone in the car doesn't quite equal rapping for a room full of people), but people seemed to love my performance:

Wise Think won the Plutus Awards for Best Micro-Blog for our work on Twitter. We are honored to win! Thank you to everyone who voted for us and thanks to Luke from Consumerism Commentary for putting together such an amazing awards ceremony!

Friday gave me the opportunity to participate in an interview with Experian. I am so grateful to them for including me and had a blast hanging out with their crew while shooting the video! Be sure to check out the finished product:

I had a wonderful chatting over lunch with Donna Freedman, Liz Weston, Will Chen, and Abby Perry. Such a fun group!

Friday was also spent participating in Ally's #AllyBloggerQuest, a scavenger hunt where participants tracked down 3 personal finance bloggers and took pictures with them for a chance to win $250. I had a blast snapping pictures with people. Here are just a few:

With Jesse Michelson from PF Firewall (winner of the #AllyBloggerQuest)

With Ben Edwards from Money Smart Life (last years winner of the #AllyBloggerQuest)

With Johnny from Johnny Moneyseed

With Alex Conde

Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in Ally's #6SecondFinance Tip series... well as a chance to talk with the lovely Adam Baker from Man vs. Debt. We will update this post when the video is available!

Saturday also gave me the opportunity to host a session on Tweetchats with the amazing Mike Delgado from Experian and my wonderful boss, Will Chen! Here's a picture from the session, we will share the video from the session when it's available on December 15th!

Overall the weekend was amazing! The one thing that really stuck out for me (and consistently blows me away) is how phenomenal the personal finance blogger community is. Never have I encountered such a supportive, kind, collaborative group of people. Everyone is just so ridiculously nice! I feel beyond fortunate to be part of this community. I met many new people this year and got to reconnect with people I've known since I joined the community back in 2009. I am grateful to all of you for always making me feel so welcome and at home!

A BIG thank you to the amazing Phil Taylor and his wonderful team for putting on this fantastic conference. There's no arguing that you guys are really the heart and soul of this community. You all are appreciated more than you know!

Let the countdown begin for #FinCon14!

Update: Tickets go on sale for #FinCon14 on Feb 4, 2014. Grab your pass now!

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It was a blast attending FinCon with you Ashley! You were amazing. =)

-- Will

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Thanks Will! I always enjoy getting to hang out with you and Greg!