Best Money Tips: Where to Find the Cheapest Holiday Gifts


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on where to find the cheapest holiday gifts, how to not freak out over a canceled flight, and gift ideas for people who have everything.

Top 5 Articles

Where to Find the Cheapest Holiday Gifts — You can find cheap gifts at dollar stores and thrift shops. [US News and World Report]

Canceled Flight? How Not to Freak Out — To avoid freaking out if your flight is canceled, ask for a voucher. [PopSugar Smart Living]

9 Great Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything — Having trouble picking the perfect gift for someone who already has everything? Get him or her art, cooking, or dance lessons! [Len Penzo dot Com]

Use These Packing Hacks on Your Next Business Trip — When packing for a business trip, wrap your shoes in a shower cap. [Lifehacker]

Funny Money: Dirty Tricks to Help you win on Black Friday — If you want to get really cut throat this Black Friday (probably not recommended), case the stores ahead of time. [Money Under 30]

Other Essential Reading

7 Little-Known Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking — Conquer your fear of public speaking by giving your audience a handout. [Dumb Little Man]

7 Reasons to Stop Proving Yourself to Everyone Else — You should stop trying to prove yourself to everyone else because you are the only person who can change your life. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

8 Tips to Help You Get More Reading Done — If you want to get more reading done, always have reading material with you. [Time Management Ninja]

Secrets of a Secret Shopper — Did you know secret shoppers can make anywhere from $2 to $600? [And Then We Saved]

7 Sanity-Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping With Your Kids — When grocery shopping with your kids, keep your sanity by channeling your inner Mary Poppins. [Parenting Squad]

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