Best Money Tips: Useful Things to Do With Your Tax Refund


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on useful things to do with your tax refund money, when renting makes more sense than buying, and reasons to use a cash-only spending plan.

Top 5 Articles

Ten Useful Things To Do With Your Tax Return Money — Fixing up your home and bolstering your emergency fund are just a couple good ways to use your tax refund money. [The Simple Dollar]

Five Situations Where Renting Makes More Sense Than Owning a Home — It makes more sense to rent when owning would leave you broke. [Cash Money Life]

10 Reasons to Use a Cash-Only Spending Plan — Using a cash-only spending plan helps you better learn the value of a dollar. []

Not a Travel Hacker? Vacation Where and When Your Dollar Goes Furthest — Save money when traveling by opting to stay away from touristy things and be more like a local. [PT Money]

3 Ways to Harmoniously Blend Your Side Business Alongside Your Full-Time Job — Negotiating with your boss for office freedom can help you blend your side business and full-time job. [Careful Cents]

Other Essential Reading

16 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again — To feel like a kid again, make a mix CD or make s'mores. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Want summer camp deals? Start looking now — It is important to consider the type of camp experience you want for your child as well as what you can afford. [Living on the Cheap]

2 Behavioral Biases That Are Making You Lose Money — Familiarity may be negatively affecting your portfolio and causing you to lose money. [MoneyNing]

Perfect Preschool Flower Crafts to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring — Consider making a flower bouquet canvas with your kids to brighten up your home. [Parenting Squad]

Create Your Own Personalized Privacy Policy — Create your own personalized privacy policy can help protect yourself and your business. [American Debt Project]

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