Best Money Tips: Things That Are Raising Your Energy Bill


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on things that are raising your energy bill, updating your kitchen on a budget, and vehicles with the longest lifespan.

Top 5 Articles

8 Things That Are Raising Your Energy Bill — Having a dirty air conditioner and relying on central heating are raising your energy bill. [PopSugar Smart Living]

8 Tips for Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget — Using credit card bonuses wisely can help you update your kitchen on a budget. [MintLife Blog]

5 Vehicles With the Longest Lifespan — Did you know Toyota 4Runners have one of the longest lifespans of cars available today? [Five Cent Nickel]

More on how to stop buying clothes you'll never wear — To stop buying clothes you'll never wear, dress for the life you live now. [Get Rich Slowly]

7 Excuses People Use to Avoid Financial Responsibility - And Why They're Useless — Only living once and thinking you have plenty of time to take care of things are two useless excuses people use to avoid financial responsibility. [The Simple Dollar]

Other Essential Reading

5 Tax Moves to Make Now (Yes, After Tax Day) — Now is a good time to re-evaluate work-based withholding. [Dough Roller]

How to Hedge against Food Inflation — Price matching and stockpiling can help you hedge against food inflation. [Three Thrifty Guys]

6 Weird Jobs That Pay Way More Than You'd Expect — Did you know home stagers can make up to $150 an hour? [MainStreet]

5 Apps and Gadgets for Making the Most of Smartphone Pictures of Your Children — To make the most of smartphone pictures of your children, try Handy Photo or Fast Burst Camera. [Parenting Squad]

Does Fast-Paced Living Encourage Debt? — Adjust to a fast-paced lifestyle by remembering to laugh. [American Debt Project]

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