Best Money Tips: The Best Tax Moves for Fall


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on the best tax moves for fall, and getting off the kid-gift treadmill, and handling a lifestyle downgrade.

Top 5 Articles

The Best Tax Moves for Fall — This fall, bulk up your retirement contributions. It's one of the best things you can do for your taxes! [US News and World Report]

14 ways to get off the kid-gift treadmill — To get off the kid-gift treadmill, opt to build a hideaway with the child instead of giving him or her a gift. [Surviving and Thriving]

How to Handle a Lifestyle Downgrade — Are you dealing with a lifestyle downgrade? Live in the moment and find ways to cut back on things that don't matter to you too much. [Family Money Values]

Hacking Hawaii — Want to take a trip to Hawaii? Keep it affordable by eating like a local and enjoying free stuff. [Ask Liz Weston]

Second-run movies: big screen, small price — Not only does heading to the theater to check out a second-run movie save you money, you also get to avoid the crowds! [I Pick Up Pennies]

Other Essential Reading

How to Get Noticed by a Recruiter — Get noticed by a recruiter by updating your resume frequently. [Cash Money Life]

Why You Should Never Go Grocery Shopping Again — Taking advantage of grocery delivery services will save you time (and consequently money since time is money) as well as prevents you from making impulse buys that cost you even more money. [Guide Financial]

9 Depression-Era Frugal Habits You Need to Pick Up — Pick up the Depression-era habit of reusing items and mending things to save money. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Using Craigslist to Save Money on Patio Removal — If you ever have stuff you want taken out of your home (such as patio pavers), chances are you can find someone on Craigslist who will come and take stuff away for free if you let them have it for free! [The Family CEO]

12 Ways to Help Make Homeschooling Work — To make homeschooling work, listen to your child and work together as a team. [Parenting Squad]

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