Best Money Tips: Secrets for Financial Success


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on secrets for financial success, ways to make an extra $500 a month, and frugal ways to enjoy summer.

Top 5 Articles

38 Secrets for Financial Success: My Personal Finance Manifesto — Always remember that when it comes to saving money, patience is a virtue. [Len Penzo dot Com]

6 Ways You Can Make an Extra $500 a Month — Becoming a search engine evaluator can help you score an extra $500 a month. [Sweating the Big Stuff]

28 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Summer — To enjoy summer, take a mini road trip or watch fireflies. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Why Self-Employment May Be the Best Option After a Layoff — Self-employment may be the best option after a layoff because it allows you to hedge your bets against a job that may never appear. [Money Smart Life]

Don't Let Contractors Rip You Off — If a contractor is seeking you out, it might be a scam. [Consumerism Commentary]

Other Essential Reading

Mortgage Hacks Breathe New Life Into Your American Dream — Are you planning on becoming a homeowner? Don't buy until you can afford a 15-year mortgage. [Frugal Confessions]

For Love or for Money: Should You Get a Prenup? — It is a good idea to get a prenup to protect your property rights. [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

The Surprising Truth About Winning Big on a Game Show — If you win big on a game show, you can't opt for cash-value as opposed to prizes. [MoneyNing]

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Under 50 Bucks — A magnetic keyring holder may be the perfect frugal gift for your dad this Father's Day. [And Then We Saved]

Help Your Child Discover His Identity — To help your child discover his identity, give their abilities and talents a boost. [Parenting Squad]

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