Best Money Tips: Pack These Travel Essentials to Save Money


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on travel essentials to pack to save money, car care tips to save money, and DIY financial tasks you should never do.

Top 5 Articles

Pack These 9 Travel Essentials to Save Money — Bandaids and vaseline are just a couple essentials you should pack when you are traveling. [PopSugar Smart Living]

These Simple Car Care Tips Can Help Save Money - Even for Non Gear Heads Like Me — To save money on your car, check your engine oil and fluids. [PT Money]

5 DIY Financial Tasks You Should Never Do — You should never buy insurance without an agent or broker. [Christian PF]

Invest in Your Health with These 4 Low Impact Exercises — Yoga is a great low impact exercise that can help you stay healthy. [Cash Money Life]

Move Over Dishware: There's a New Kind of Wedding Registry in Town — Have you ever heard of a financial gift registry? [MoneyNing]

Other Essential Reading

10 cheap ways to stage your home for less — Refreshing your landscape and editing your furniture can help you stage your home for less. [Living on the Cheap]

Preventing Summer Crime — Keep your home safe this summer by stopping your mail if you are out of town. []

How to Protect Your Business With Solid Terms and Conditions — To protect your business with solid terms and conditions, make sure you include information about your privacy policy. [Careful Cents]

4 Ways to Get in Shape Without Going Broke — Trying an outdoor gym is one way to get in shape without going broke. [Smartasset Blog]

7 Simple Self Care Tips for Over-Extended Moms — If you are an overextended mom, make time for friendships and take a bath. [Parenting Squad]

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