Best Money Tips: Money-Making Schemes to Score You Quick Cash


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some wonderful articles on money-making schemes to score you quick cash, maintaining professional bridges, and family summer vacation ideas on a budget.

Top 5 Articles

11 Money-Making Schemes to Score You Quick Cash — Babysitting and selling your stuff are just a couple ways to make some quick cash. [POPSUGAR Smart Living]

Maintaining Professional Bridges — To maintain your professional network, ask your network how you can help them. [The Simple Dollar]

Summer Vacation Ideas for Families on a Budget — Camping or visiting a waterpark resort can help you enjoy a family vacation on a budget. [Living on the Cheap]

The Frugal Wine Lover — Purchasing boxed wine or cooking with wine can help you save money on wine. []

Could Homeschooling Save You Money? — Public school expenses can get expensive, but there are also costs associated with homeschooling. [MoneyNing]

Other Essential Reading

5 Tips for Paying for Health Care in Early Retirement — Embracing the idea of preventative care can help you pay for health care in early retirement. [Consumerism Commentary]

Does It Make Sense for You to Remodel Your Home? — When determining whether or not remodeling your home is the right choice for you, consider how you will pay for the remodel. [Cash Money Life]

5 Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool on a Budget — Are you looking for a summer drink to keep cool on a budget? Try a Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade. [One Cent at a Time]

Three Tech Challenges Faced by the Modern Couple — Many couples may face the challenge of over sharing on social networks. [How's Married Life?]

8 Reasons to Give Your Kids Water Instead of Soda — Giving your kids water instead of soda is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. [Parenting Squad]

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