Best Money Tips: Ideas to Make Money on the Weekend


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on ideas to make money on the weekend, tactics to avoid wasting food, and money-saving tax tips for parents.

Top 5 Articles

37 Easy Ideas To Make Money On The Weekend — To make money on the weekend, tutor students and recycle. [And Then We Saved]

Seven Tactics to Avoid Wasting Food — Avoid wasting food by using a grocery list and meal plan. [The Simple Dollar]

8 Money-Saving Tax Tips for Parents — If you are a parent, take advantage of the child tax credit and higher education credits during tax season. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Turning Your Hobby into a Job — When turning your hobby into a job, be aware of the cost of your materials and find items that sell well. []

Lending money to loved ones: a realist's guide — Use your head as well as your heart when you lend money to loved ones. [Money Blue Book]

Other Essential Reading

4 ways to deal with old electronics — Deal with old electronics by giving it to charity. [Living on the Cheap]

How Long Should I Keep Financial and Tax Records? — You should hold onto a paper copy or receipt of any tax-relevant financial exchange. [Free Money Finance]

How to Spot Work From Home Scams — If you get an unsolicited email to work from home, chances are it's a scam. [Retire by 40]

5 Advantages to Using Automatic Investment Plans — Using an automatic investment plan helps you save on commissions and fees. [Cash Money Life]

14 Manners That Are Nice to See in Kids — It is nice to see kids who don't interrupt and that eat quietly. [Parenting Squad]

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