Best Money Tips: Contributing to Charities Without Donating Money


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on contributing to charity without donating money, saving this holiday season, and risks happy people take every day.

Top 5 Articles

How Can I Contribute to Charities Without Donating Money? — Using a charity credit card is a great way to contribute to charity without donating money. [Lifehacker]

Saving Money this Holiday Season — Save money this holiday season by using voucher codes and cutting out the fluff. [One Cent at a Time]

10 Risks Happy People Take Every Day — Happy people risk taking full responsibility for their happiness every day. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

Halloween Cheap Treats and Time Saving Tricks — Purchasing candy from a bulk candy supplier can help you save money this Halloween. []

10 Time Management Tips from Personal Finance Bloggers: #FinCon13 Edition — Scheduling 15 minutes a day to do some organizing can help you better manage your time. [Square Pennies]

Other Essential Reading

Master These 14 Interview Questions — Before you go in for an interview, know how to answer the question "tell me about yourself." [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Tips to Stop Worrying and Get More Done — To stop worrying and get more done, put things in perspective and be early. [Time Management Ninja]

Short vs Long Term Disability: When It Rains It Pours — Did you know you can buy a long term disability policy either on your own or through your employer? [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

New Paparazzi Law is a Chance for All Parents to Rethink the Laws Surrounding Children — Have you heard about the new paparazzi law that prohibits photographers from taking pictures of children of celebrities? [Parenting Squad]

Work Smarter: 5 Productivity Hacks To Maximize Your Time In The Office — To maximize your time in the office, stay hydrated and make a to-do list. [Dumb Little Man]

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