Best Money Tips: Cheap Things to Do With Your Kids on Spring Break


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on cheap things to do with your kids on spring break, costly mistakes taxpayers make, and smart ways to use extra cash.

Top 5 Articles

5 Free or Cheap Things to Do With Your Kids on Spring Break — This spring break, play outdoors or have a movie marathon with your kids. [Credit Sesame]

9 Costly Mistakes Taxpayers Make — Don't make the mistake of having too much tax withheld or making math errors when it comes to your taxes. [Kiplinger]

9 Smart Ways to Use All That "Extra" Cash — If you have extra cash, use it to plant a garden or improve your home. [Donna Freedman]

20 Clues You're Buying a Home in the Right Neighborhood — If your neighbors are organized and you can get a latte, you are probably buying a home in the right neighborhood. [Money Talks News]

17 Awesome Money Saving Apps — You can save a lot of money on your next shopping trip with apps like Ibotta and Retail Me Not. [Living Well Spending Less]

Other Essential Reading

How to Have a Frugal Wedding Part One: Venue — To have a frugal wedding, consider booking the venue for a less popular time, such as a Sunday at lunch in the fall. [Frugal Portland]

Get All The College Credit You Deserve — When transfering schools, get the credit you deserve by being savvy about the transfer process. [Ask Liz Weston]

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet and Make It Pretty — Use patterned contact paper to organize your medicine cabinet and make it pretty. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Get Out and Play! 23 Games and Activities to Enjoy Outside With Your Kids This Spring — This spring, get outside and play shadow tag or go on a picnic with your kids. [Parenting Squad]

Student Raises $1,000 to Take Burrito Skydiving — What is the strangest Kickstarter campaign you've heard of? [Bargaineering]

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