Best Money Tips: Are Joint Bank Accounts a Good Idea?


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on if joint bank accounts are a good idea, winter travel deals, and stocks for 2014.

Top 5 Articles

Love & Money: Are Joint Bank Accounts a Good Idea? — Joint bank accounts may be a good idea because double the income means double the savings. [Credit Sesame]

5 Winter Travel Deals to Check Out — Be sure to check out travel deals to Vancouver and Dallas. [PopSugar Smart Living]

24 Stocks for 2014 — Coca-Cola and are just a couple of Kiplinger's top stock picks for 2014. [Kiplinger]

How to Fight a Price Hike When Your Limited-Time Cable Offer Is Ending — To fight a price hike when your limited time offer is ending, look for another offer before yours runs out. [Bargaineering]

The 10 Cheapest Pets to Own — Want a household pet on a limited budget? Consider getting a guinea pig or a goldfish. [MintLife Blog]

Other Essential Reading

The 3 Golden Rules of Loaning to Friends and Family — The number one golden rule of loaning money to friends and family is to always say no. [Money Talks News]

How to Remove Money Fear — To get over your money fears, learn to accept that you are scared and every new encounter brings fear with it. [Take a Smart Step]

How You Can Save a Ton Of Money With Coupons This Holiday Season — Save money with coupons this holiday season by utilizing coupon websites to get the best deals. [Money Q&A]

14 Truly Strange Ways to Make Money Online & Offline — Did you know you can make money renting out your time to be a friend to someone in need? [MoneyPantry]

13 Reasons to Host an Exchange Student in Your Home — By hosting an exchange student in your home, you can grow globally and share your culture. [Parenting Squad]

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