Best Money Tips: 60 Awesome DIY Stocking Stuffers


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on DIY stocking stuffers, the worst money mistakes you can make, and saving on holiday photo cards.

Top 5 Articles

60 Awesome DIY Stocking Stuffers — This holiday season, make bottle cap candles or bottle cap planters as stocking stuffers. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The Ten Worst Money Mistakes Anyone Can Make — Don't make the money mistake of not having enough insurance or waiting to invest. [Free Money Finance]

Tips to Save on Holiday Photo Cards — To save money on holiday photo cards, design your own cards and take your own photos. [Bargain Babe]

As Temperatures Drop, Utility Bills Don't Have to Rise — Hanging thermal curtains and keeping them closed at night can help you keep your home warm without breaking the bank. [One Smart Dollar]

Get the Job You Want! - How to Choose the Right References for Your Job Search — Choose the right references for your job search by determining which of your references can answer the tough questions. [Free From Broke]

Other Essential Reading

How to Act Like a Human Being During the Holidays — Keep your cool this holiday season by avoiding shopping during big sales and remembering that less is more when decorating your house. [Johnny Moneyseed]

Navigating the minefield of office gift exchanges — Keeping a few "anybody" gifts handy at work can help you avoid any awkwardness during the holiday season. [Living on the Cheap]

Get the Most Out Of Best Buy and Save Money — Did you know Best Buy offers a trade-in program where you can get money for your old gadgets? [Yes, I Am Cheap]

15 Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas — Need a white elephant gift idea? Consider going with embarrassing photos or assorted chia pets. [Coupon Sherpa]

How to Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange — When hosting a holiday cookie exchange, prepare pretty packaging so your guests can take their cookies with them. [Parenting Squad]

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I'm just trying to make sure that anything I put on a card, is paid in full. I will attempt some DIYS this year too.