Best Money Tips: 100 Affordable Christmas Gifts for Men


Welcome to Wise Think's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on affordable gifts for men, ways to protect yourself on vacation, and saving money on holiday meals.

Top 5 Articles

100 Affordable Christmas Gifts for Men — Consider getting the man in your life a beer tasting kit or a man candle for Christmas. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Ways to Protect Yourself on your Vacation — To protect yourself on your vacation, pack an outfit with you on the plane. [Budget and the Beach]

Saving Money on Holiday Meals — When trying to save money on holiday meals, take advantage of grocery bargains. [Savings Lifestyle]

Beware: A New Scam Scares You Into Thinking You Owe Taxes — If someone calls you claiming to be from the IRS and tells you that you owe taxes, do not panic. The IRS will normally conatct you through snail mail, so chances are the person calling you is part of a new scam. [MoneyNing]

Money Systems That Lead to Success: Food Planning — If you want to save money on food, start by purchasing your groceries on a schedule so you can implement a food planning system. [Consumerism Commentary]

Other Essential Reading

Have A No Spend Challenge To Prepare For The Holidays And Give Thanks — Participating in a no spend challenge can give you some extra savings to use if your budget slips into the red. [Bible Money Matters]

Severance Packages: Time to Goof Off Or Make It Pay Off? — Before you take a severance package, figure out if the package prevents you from working for a competitor for a specified period of time. [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

Wrap Up Your Holiday For Free! — Save money on wrapping paper this year by wrapping gifts in newspapers or crepe paper. []

Shopping for Cheap Accessories Online — When shopping for shoes online, be willing to pay a little extra so that they look good and feel comfortable. [Sweating the Big Stuff]

5 Great Holiday Fundraisers for Your School — If you are trying to put together a fundraiser for your school, consider doing a gift basket raffle! [Parenting Squad]

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One thing I have definitely noticed is how gifts for men seem to be much more expensive than gifts for women.

The beer tasting kit is a great idea.

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#101: Get him a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Men like being clean too and he will really appreciate this great gift. See