Augment Your Income By Going To Nightclubs


Execution is the key to successful business. Good money-making ideas are rampant, but it's the people who actually take the time and energy to execute those ideas that are the world's next entrepreneurial geniuses.

If you like going to night clubs and are a decent schmoozer, here's a potentially big money-making idea for you. It has a capital investment of nothing but time, patience and charm, and a potential payout of a few thousand dollars a weekend:

Your job is initially that of a survey conductor. (Or if you're really resourceful you have lackeys - I mean friends - conduct the surveys for or with you). Either way, the people you are surveying are those standing in line for nightclubs. They don't have much else to do, and you can make answering a few questions worth their while (and yours).

Approach them by saying that you organize killer parties in nightclubs, and are conducting a quick survey to see what sorts of events people would attend. You can make up your own survey, but the general things you want to determine are:

What kind of music do they like? (ie: latin, hard rock, alternative, hip hop, etc)

What night of the week do they most prefer to go out?

And here's the big question: If you were to contact them by email with a special invite to a party that fits their interest at a wicked bar, would they consider going? If they are game, get their email address.

That's it. Just keep the survey quick and easy, so you can work your way through a line-up without troubling anybody too long and you can get lots of feedback. The big thing is you want to get email addresses, so make your pitch quick and compelling.

Here's the rub: You will need a lot of survey responses before you can go to the next step. Thousands would be good. So your initial investment in this idea is going to cost you (and hopefully your lackey friends too) a number of weekends. At least the surveys are quick and easy, and you can work your way through a 30 person line-up in no time. One night can bring in hundreds of email addresses if you turn on the right charms and work the crowd effectively. And even better, you're already downtown so once you're tired of doing surveys head into a club to relax and let loose!

You'll also need to compile all your survey answers into a database or spreadsheet of sorts; another reason to keep the survey down to two or three questions. Once you have done this, you now officially have a party invite list that bar owners would kill for.

Your next step into the world of entrepreneurial splendour is to connect your party-goers with the right bar owners.

Let's say that you have 500 people who like Latin music and Friday nights. Approach a small bar (ideally one that already has a Latin theme to it, and possibly one that is either new and trying to establish a clientele, or one that is suffering and needs a boost), and ask to speak to the owner or manager.

***An aside about speaking to anybody in the service industry: Do not, (read: NEVER) ask to speak to a bar owner during busy hours. The downtime for most bars and restaurants is in the mid to late afternoon. That is when the owner is most likely to be hanging around and available to chat with you. If he or she isn't around, get their name and ask when a good time to drop by will be.***

Once you are in front of the owner of this club, introduce yourself as a party/event co-ordinator (or whatever cool hard-hitting title suits your fancy) and that you have a database of over 500 pretty people at your fingertips who love Latin music on Friday nights. You would be happy to co-ordinate a Friday night at their establishment in a few weeks and pack the place if he or she is interested.

What's in it for them? They will have a full house that night and probably get some new regulars out of it. If it's a new or struggling bar, this will be music to their ears.

What's in it for you? Either a cut of the bar sales, or the cover fee at the door. You can work out the proper compensation that suits you both with the bar owner. (If they charge a paltry $2 cover fee and 500 people come over the night, you just pocketed $1,000).

Last step: After you have figured out a date for the party, send an attention-grabbing invite to your 500 Latin music lovers about a special party they are invited to as part of an elite crowd. Not all of them will show up, but a percentage of them will and they'll bring friends, in addition to the regular crowd at that bar. This will make for a fun-filled night for everybody and a tidy sum of money for both you and the bar owner. Everybody Wins!

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You can also take pictures with a digital camera. Jot down their email addresses and send them a copy of their picture.

It helps if you are a pro and have pro camera equipment.

Myscha Theriault's picture

a cool idea!

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Wow! This is a great idea! I live in a college city and this is something that would be a killer idea for networking and such.

I suppose it helps to have some cute female friends working the line as well?

Julie Rains's picture

Is there any liability that you as the event planner need to consider? or are you just selling the list of names?

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There are rules (at least in my country) about what kinds of lists you are allowed to keep. But I suppose a list of names, e-mails and favourite music style wouldn't violate anyones privacy, so it couldn't be illegal. Still. I would check it first.
A great idea, though! Pity I don't enjoy partying.

Nora Dunn's picture

I don't think that there would be any problems with liabilities because:

1 - You are getting their permission to send them emails by getting their address in the first place

2 - You aren't selling the list...just notifying the list of a party at ABC bar and telling them to show up. (your compensation comes as a cut of the door/bar for the people that show, and the bar owner never gets their hands on the list - that's yours and sacred).

 Good job though thinking about all the never know these days!

Julie Rains's picture

As far as liabilities, I was thinking about liability associated with drunken driving or fights among patrons. Where I live, earlier this year, there was a tragic incident at a party organized by a promoter but that took place at a local bar. From what I have read, the lawsuits and charges are all against the bar owner but I didn't know if the party planner should or could do anything to promote safety and avoid incidents.

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How fun! I could never do it, though, because I'd spend too much time chatting with the people in line instead of moving along.

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What a cool Idea!
You can even set up a website, called puopleonline or something like thta and upload pictures of those people that were on the queue with their friends having fun!
Your profit would come from selling space on your high traffic website and also upselling and crosselling products.

Lucio Dias Ribeiro