Amazon Raises Free Shipping Minimum to $35


Have you heard? Amazon's Free Super Saver Shipping for $25 orders is a thing of the past. You now need to spend $35 to qualify for free shipping. This marks the first time in a decade that Amazon has changed the order minimum for free shipping in the US.

Note that this policy change doesn't affect Amazon Prime, which gets you free 2-day shipping (no order minimum!), plus a slew of other perks, for $79 a year. If you're a frequent online shopper, you'll easily recoup the membership cost in shipping savings. And with the holiday season just around the corner, this would be great time to check out Prime — especially the 30-day free trial. Did you almost forget to send Great Aunt Marcy a garlic press? She never has to know.

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What does this mean for add on items where you need at least $25 of qualifying items to even have it shipped? They all still say $25.

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Sad to hear this, but good to know. Thanks for sharing. I have Amazon Prime and love it!

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Won't be as likely to add items to meet the minimum now, but I probably need to shop less anyhow, so thank you Amazon!

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Another attempt to get consumers to spend more money to 'save' with free shipping. I've made purchases to meet the minimum just to get the free shipping, I may rethink that. Why buy things you don't truly need to meet the free shipping level, when the shipping fees alone may not even bring your total to the required $35.

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Susan D.

I'll be surprised if they don't raise the price for Amazon Prime as well.

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I imagine this free shipping base rate will cause a lot of people, myself included to make the jump to Amazon Prime. They will get more money up front, from people joining AP, but it will cost them more when I order little things that I might ordinarily wait on, every week or so and have them delivered via 2-day.

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$10 may not seem like much, but that is quite a jump. Luckily I have the Amazon Prime subscription which easily pays for itself after a couple of orders.