9 Great Cities for Job Seekers


While the unemployment rate is slowly declining (decreasing from 7.5% to 6.3% in 12 months) some cities across the US are faring better than others when it comes to job opportunities. Based on data that includes unemployment rates, median salaries, and surveys sent to 18,000 employers by Manpower, these are our picks for best cities to find a job in the US:

1. Austin, TX

With its young population boom, Austin's employment rate has begun to increase, thanks in part to the number of startups moving to Texas. Current unemployment rate: 4.7% and a median income of $29,000.

2. Washington, DC

Becoming one of the biggest regions for healthcare and education (in addition to government and public policy sectors), Washington, DC has become a great place for companies that are looking to further their R&D departments. Current unemployment rate: 4.9% and a median income of $45,151.

3. Virginia Beach, VA

A veritable resort city, Virginia Beach is a great place to seek employment in the hospitality industry. Although it's the most populated city in Virginia, Virginia Beach boasts an unemployment rate of only 5.5% and a median income of $34,373.

4. Fort Worth, TX

Thanks to large corporations like Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and American Airlines calling Forth Worth home, this Texas city boasts the 16th highest population in the country. In addition, it also has an impressive unemployment rate of just 5.6% and a median income of $28,636.

5. Omaha, NE

Heavily encompassing the healthcare and data entry sectors, Omaha has an impressive unemployment rate of only 3.6% (one of the lowest in the nation) and a median income of $27,390. In addition, the city of Omaha is very involved in job training and offers career programs through the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

6. Denver, CO

While the data is too fresh to account for any job booms thanks to the new marijuana laws in Colorado, Denver still makes the list as one of the most desirable cities for job hunters. In addition to a booming small business economy, corporations like Lockheed Martin and the Ball Corporation help to drive the unemployment rate to 5.8% with a median income of $32,002.

7. Raleigh, NC

Another city heavily involved in the R&D fields (thanks to its Research Triangle area), Raleigh also is the home of the IBM corporation. Its current unemployment rate is well under the national average at 5.4% and a median income of $30,778.

8. Arlington, TX

A well-kept secret on job hunter lists, this Texas city should not be overlooked. Home to the Lear Corporation and a multitude of small businesses, Arlington has an impressive unemployment rate of 5.6% with a median income of $28,434.

9. Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is known for housing corporations that run the gamut. In addition to Wells Fargo and Target, the city is also home to one of the largest performing art festivals in the country, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which helps to keep the local economy thriving. The unemployment rate is 4.0% with a median income of $30,127.

How far would you go for a new job and a new start? Will you add any of these places to your job search? Let us know in comments!

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