9 Amazing DIY Lamps You Want in Your House


A good lamp does more than just shed light. With the right size, shape, color, and texture a lamp can compliment your furnishings and demonstrate your sense of style. To paraphrase the immortal words of The Dude, it really ties the room together. But new lamps can be expensive, and thrift store lamps, while affordable, can be hit or miss. Why not take matters into your own hands? We've rounded up nine amazing DIY lamps that can be made with simple materials, and customized to complement (or contrast!) your existing decor. (See also: 30 Awesome Decorating Hacks)

1. Stacked Cookie Tin Lamp

Have you been the recipient of homemade treats in reusable tins? You could save them up for re-gifting during the holidays, or you could make this clever lamp. The creators of this floor lamp suggest painting the tins or covering them in a textured fabric for an even more unique look. Use a short stack to make it a table lamp! (See also: 40 Ways to Decorate With Spray Paint)

2. Paper Gift Bow Pendant Lamp

Are the bows your favorite part of a wrapped gift? Then this bow lamp might be the project for you. Fold your favorite colored paper into a unique shade for a pendant lamp.

3. Recycled CD Case Lamp

If you've long since switched to digital music, but aren't sure what to do with all of those plastic jewel cases, this is the perfect upcycling project. Turn them into a one-of-a-kind desk lamp that makes a perfect Father's Day gift. (See also: Free Ways to Celebrate Father's Day)

4. Designer Paper Yarn Lamp

Paper yarn? Yep it's a thing. Even better, it's a thing you can use to make pendant light shades or regular lampshades. This version uses a 2-liter soda bottle as the form, but you could use anything — maybe even the lampshade you're replacing?

5. Enameled Colander Lamp

The perfect lamp for foodies, this idea turns an old colander into a beautiful pendant light fixture. It also works with a large salad bowl! (See also: Kitchen Cast-Offs You Can Repurpose)

6. Skyscraper Lamp

If you're looking for unique "mood" lighting, the geometric patterns created by this lamp made from stacked wooden dowels is quite pleasing.

7. Tin Can Lantern

Summer will soon be here, and that means lots of outdoor meals and relaxing on the patio. Add a magical flare to your next summer party with this lantern made from a recycled tin can.

8. Hanging Paper Orb Lamp

Made using decorative paper cupcake liners, these paper orbs is a textured twist on the classic paper globe lamp.

9. Stacked Book Table Lamp

This is the perfect project for someone who hates seeing old books end up in the wastebasket. Turn them into a delightful vintage-looking table lamp instead!

Have you made any awesome DIY lamps we want in our house? Please share them in comments!

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