80 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for $10 or Less


It happens every year. You think you have your holiday spending under control, only to get tripped up by the stocking stuffers. This year, stay on track with some budget-friendly stocking stuffer ideas, which include everything from sensible finds to unusual goodies, all of which you can score for $10 or less.

1. Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Clever and economical small kitchen tools, such as the strawberry huller, scooter pizza cutter, and the Egg-A-Matic boiled egg mold, make cool kitchen gifts and a nice change from the usual tools.

2. Team Merchandise

The superfan on you list will appreciate anything with a favorite team logo on it. FansEdge has a great $10 and under search tool, which includes holiday ornaments, tailgating items, accessories, and more.

3. Wine Out

Anyone who appreciates wine will also be thankful for the practical gift of wine stain remover. Wine Out now makes a small, one-ounce mister for under $5, which can be kept on hand to quickly get rid of stubborn stains.

4. Device Screen Cleaning Cloth

An essential for those with a smartphone, tablet, or other device, a microfiber screen wipe makes a very useful gift. You can even find more decorative cloths to make the mundane task of wiping a screen slightly more enjoyable.

5. Mug Warmer

Never have a lukewarm cup of tea or coffee again when you give someone an electric mug warmer. It works great for the office or even for heating up a mug of soup.

6. Electric Screwdriver

A handy handheld electric screwdriver makes a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone. And with cordless models under $10, they won't break your wallet either.

7. Herb Stripper

For the cook that likes to buy fresh herbs, or the gardener that grows his or her own, an inexpensive herb stripper takes the fuss out of stripping fresh herbs to use in that next dish.

8. Bar Tools

A host of bar items under $10 can please the drink lover in the crowd. Try some fun mini tongs for ice cubes, a cocktail whisk, decorative wine stoppers, or a mojito muddler.

9. Sephora $10 and Under

Sephora $10 and under gifts, which include everything from makeup to skin care products, make great stuffers. You can also use some of the free samples you receive as additional stocking stuffers.

10. Coffee Clip

Never let your bag of coffee go stale or pour the wrong amount into your machine again with a cool coffee clip tool. Check out wood coffee clip options under $10 as well.

11. Foot Massager

For athletes or those on their feet all day, a massage ball can help do the trick to ease away aches and pains. Check out local sporting goods stores for a variety of cheap options.

12. Detangler Brush

Great for kids and adults, try out the Wet Brush and similar models under $10 to take the tears and pain away when combing out tangles and long hair.

13. Back Scratcher

Try a back scratcher for a fun and soothing gift. For under $5 you can find old-fashioned bamboo scratchers or even telescoping extended reach models.

14. Reusable Tote

For the environmentally-conscious shopper, a reusable tote makes a great gift and easily rolls up to fit in a stocking. Look for options near checkout aisles at any major store, like Pier One's decorative totes, or even at the supermarket, which usually run only a dollar or two.

15. Decorative Toothbrush

Kids or reluctant toothbrushers will love a decorative toothbrush in their stocking. Most pharmacies sell character brushes, light-up brushes, and even brushes you can decorate with stickers to motivate even the most stubborn folks on your list.

16. $5 to $10 Treats

iTunes has $10 gift cards, while $10 cards at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can buy a few fun coffee drinks. Or give $5 or $10 in cash with a little note saying to buy to an ice-cream at the local shop or a nice drink at a favorite watering hole.

17. Spoon Rest

Great for any cook, find unique spoon rests at places, like Crate&Barrel, Target and Wayfair, for under $10. Or, check out a cute owl spoon rest for a pop of color in the kitchen.

18. Sporting Goods

For those on your list who like to exercise or play sports, think of small items, like economical pedometers, water bottles, tennis balls, sweat bands, and golf tees. Sporting goods stores like Dick's and Sports Authority have many options as do most big box retailers.

19. Decorative Hooks

For a different type of stocking stuffer, search out a decorative hook that fits your recipient's style. From a monogram letter hook to a beautiful carved floral hook, there are many options available under $10.

20. Coin Purse

There are many fashionable and economical coin purses, which can be used to house coins, keepsakes, keys, and other items someone would want to have on hand.

21. Wine and Spirits

Champagne splits, mini wine bottles, and even airplane-sized liquor bottles make great little stocking stuffers for those who enjoy a nice cocktail.

22. Slang Flashcards

For those recipients who like a good laugh and need a boost in the hipster department, try a pack of slang flashcards to help someone become instantly cool and entertained at the same time.

23. Room Spray

A useful gift for eliminating odors or just enjoying a great scent, room sprays come in all different scents for under $10. Try places like Bath & Body Works for a wide selection.

24. Cold Weather Accessories

An extra pair of mittens, a hat, warm scarf, or even texting gloves will fill any stocking cheaply and stylishly. Try places like Old Navy for great deals under $10.

25. Jewelry

Try World Market's earrings for $4.99 or look for great costume jewelry at popular stores, like Forever 21, H&M, and Claire's. (See also: Ten Awesome Sites to Shop for Cool, Affordable Jewelry)

26. Smartphone Case

A snazzy, economical smartphone case can be put to good use. Check out some great options, like H&M's chevron case, Best Buy's flip cover, and the Photive Hybrid Bumper.

27. Pancake Mix

For those who enjoy a good breakfast, include a bag of fancy pancake mix, which you can find in any grocery or food specialty store for under $10. Look for organic and gluten-free mixes as well.

28. Address Labels

For an extremely thoughtful stocking stuffer, try some customized address labels for your recipient. Online sites, like Vistaprint, have cheap options that you can design yourself.

29. Fancy Condiments and Seasonings

Most local grocery stores have an aisle with some fancier condiments, seasonings, and sauces. Look for yummy barbecue rubs, jams, dips, or try some fancy salts for under $10.

30. Headphones

Whether it's a spare pair of economical earbuds or cool, colorful headphones, you can easily find cheap pairs at discount stores, dollar stores, and some big box retailers.

31. Pumice Stone or Loofah

Hit up any pharmacy or look online at places like Drugstore.com and Soap.com for a selection of bath loofahs, sponges, or pumice stones that anyone can use to make bathing more luxurious.

32. Cheese Markers

For the host or hostess that likes to do cheese tastings or buffets, food markers make a great gift. Check out Crate&Barrel's cheese markers, or search on Etsy for similar paper and mini chalkboard versions.

33. L'Occitane

For a little splurge on some high-end skin care products, shop smart at L'Occitane by dividing up their gift sets, which average below $10 per item. The Petite Treats for under $40 section has some especially great finds.

34. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags make useful stocking stuffers and come in a variety of styles and designs. Try leather options for a classic look, some decorative tags to make a bag easy to spot, or search Etsy for whimsical options under $10.

35. Note Cards

You can search for beautiful box sets of note cards for under $10 at stationery stores like Papyrus, or peruse pharmacies and discount stores for other great options.

36. Cookie Stamps

For a twist on the classic cookie cutter, cookie stamps make a great gift for bakers and kids' stockings. Try a cookie stamp duo or check out craft stores for similar options.

37. Lottery Tickets

A lottery ticket can be a fun stocking gift for anyone to scratch off. And, it's even better if you happen to give a winning ticket.

38. Garden Markers

Whether for large outdoor beds or window herb gardens, plant markers will be a welcomed gift to mark which plants are growing where.

39. Nail Tools

Make a mini manicure set by buying cool emery boards, nail clippers, or buffers, which you can bundle together. Most pharmacies carry tools these days for just a few bucks.

40. Portable Dog Bowl

For the dog lover, the collapsible dog bowl makes a great gift for travel or running out and about with your favorite companion. It also folds up easily to fit in a stocking.

41. Flip Flops

Sure, it may be winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but everyone loves a pair of flip flops. Old Navy even has pairs for as low as $2.50, or browse your big box retailers and other specialty retailers who have slashed prices on off-season flip flops.

42. Sewing Kit

A mini sewing kit for travel or just to have handy in the house serves as a cheap buy and a useful stocking stuffer. Drug stores and dollar stores carry many versions of these helpful kits.

43. Ornaments

No better time of the year than to gift an ornament. Check out unique options under $10 at places like, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, and Bronner's.

44. Picture Frames

Small picture frames make great stocking stuffers, especially when they go beyond the norm. Check out mini gem frames or clever photo holders and small frames, all of which run below $10.

45. Decorative Napkin Rings

You can find some gorgeous napkin rings for around $2 at discount home stores and department stores, like Kohl's. A group of four or five makes a nice stocking gift for anybody wanting to add style to the dinner table.

46. Electric Stirrer

Let the coffee lover froth up their own creations at home with a handheld electric milk stirrer. You can purchase many models for well under $10 at places, like Ikea and Newegg, or try World Market for a set of three to give to multiple recipients.

47. Chargers and Adapters

Most folks can use an extra charger, adapter, or other small electronic component for their many devices. Head to discount and dollar stores to find practical options under $10, or try something more interesting like a smartphone charging platform.

48. Fun Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can be a great $10 and under find for any gal's stocking when you go for fun hair bands, hair accessories that double as jewelry, or fancy barrettes fit for dressy attire.

49. Unique Playing Cards

A cool deck of cards is a nice item to have on hand for rainy days or the serious poker player in the crowd. Check out Art of Play for some designer options under $10, or try a deck of 3D playing cards.

50. Dish Towels

Make a colorful dish towel into a nice stocking stuffer with the many options at Ikea or other major home goods stores.

51. Wine Bottle Coaster

Check out a shiny wine coaster, which makes an attractive gift that will help keep the dribbles away from that bottle of red on the dinner table.

52. Nice Soap

Special soaps serve as a stocking stuffer staple. Browse some of the great selections for under $10 at Anthropologie, as well as the many options of pumps, bars, and hand sanitizers at Bath & Body Works.

53. Practical Gift Cards

A $5 or $10 gift card to practical shopping places, like pharmacies, grocery stores, fast food chains, or gas stations, can make a great stocking stuffer and help shave off some of the usual costs.

54. Tea, Coffee, and Hot Cocoa

Give someone a delicious gift of their favorite hot beverage. For a unique take on the usual, try hot chocolate sticks, a small bag of Starbucks Christmas blend, or a box of Peet's Holiday Tea Bag Sampler.

55. Gardening Gloves

For anyone that enjoys gardening or has yardwork to do, a pair of economical gardening gloves will do the trick. Try a pair of bamboo fiber gloves or search your local garden, home, or dollar stores for decorative options of all kinds.

56. Drink Charms

Like jewelry for your wine glass, a set of economical, fun wine charms for the entertainer on your list will be most appreciated.

57. Shoe Polish

For the person who wants to keep dress shoes shiny at all times, a tin of shoe polish makes a very useful and budget-friendly stocking stuffer.

58. Lip Care

Lip care under $10 abounds. Hit up your local pharmacy to find some favorites, like Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm or the cool EOS products. For kids, try flavored chapsticks and glittery lip glosses, which can be found at discount stores, pharmacies, and toy stores.

59. Specialty Sweets

A candy store or even your local supermarket is sure to have an abundance of high-end candies and sweet treats for under $10. Look for fancy chocolate bars with unique flavors, sea salt caramels, or your recipients favorite go-to indulgence.

60. Guest Towels

A pack of decorative paper guest towels makes a nice host or hostess present for the stocking. Check out the many guest towel options for under $10 at major home and party stores.

61. Decorative Magnets

Cool magnets can help someone dress up an old fridge or display things in fashion on a magnetic board in a home office or kitchen.

62. Candle Tins

Stuff a stocking with a small, personal candle tin for a luxurious gift. Some favorites include Illume's Mediterranean, Paddywax's Library Collection tins, and Voluspa mini tins.

63. Night Light

Character-themed night lights, such as the Spiderman night light or Disney's Frozen light, make great stuffers for kids. But, don't forget the more mature, decorative home options, like Alen + Roth's LED night light, which adults can use to light up a dark hallway or bathroom.

64. Washi or Decorative Duct Tape

Throw in a roll or two of cool washi tape or decorative duct tape for crafters, kids, or those looking for stylish repairs. Try craft stores, like Michaels, for great washi tape options or office supply stores like Staples or Office Depot, which carry decorative duct tape.

65. Unique Books

A fun little book for under $10 can provide some entertainment or much needed advice. Check out Amazon or Barnes&Noble for anything from after-dinner jokes to feng shui. (See also: 21 Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers)

66. Slipper Socks

Give the gift of some ultra-comfortable, furry slipper socks for under $10. Don't forget plenty of slipper socks for men are out there, too.

67. Pez Dispenser

You don't need to be a kid to appreciate the fun of a Pez Dispenser. Check out the official Pez site for ideas and where to buy.

68. Bud Vases

A colorful bud vase makes a beautiful and cheap stocking stuffer. Ikea has many selections for just a few bucks, while dollar stores and craft stores have many nice options as well.

69. Travel Umbrella

A small-sized umbrella makes a great gift for travel or to have in the car for adults and kids. Check out discount stores and big box retailers for some stylish umbrellas under $10.

70. Cool Keychain

Go beyond the usual keychain and include some fun options under $10, such as a fancy tassel keychain, a multi-tool keychain, or a cash stash keychain.

71. Gift Tags

For someone who enjoys crafts and giving gifts, some high-end, colorful gift tags make a great stocking stuffer.

72. Toys

For adults and kids alike, clever toy finds in the $10 and under range can make anyone smile. Ideas include, animal ball poppers, desktop table tennis, and the all-time classic, Slinky.

73. Fun Office Supplies

For those office types, add some fun and offbeat desk supplies to the stocking. Some ideas include, fun paperclips, unique sticky notes, and designer-inspired staplers.

74. Cocktail Napkins

Give a pack of paper cocktail napkins to the entertainer in your life. Try places like Oriental Trading or Party City for great options under $10.

75. Stamps

$10 can still buy a book of stamps these days, which makes a useful gift for anyone.

76. Gourmet Food Snacks

Instead of specialty candy, look for some creative snack options to put in a stocking. Dried fruits and nuts make a nice choice, but so do small unique snacks, like jars of stuffed olives, fancy cookies, or even gourmet popcorn kernels.

77. Jewelry Travel Case

An upgrade to the usual jewelry travel rolls, a folding travel tray is a great stocking stuffer for anyone that needs to keep jewelry or personal items organized and untangled when traveling.

78. Fashion Tape

For a practical gift, Hollywood fashion tape can be used to keep shirt openings and necklines in place, not to mention hold up pant hems and prevent everyday fashion emergencies.

79. Hand Warmers

Include some packs of instant hand warmers for those who like to play or attend cold weather sports or just to have on hand in the car in case of emergency.

80. Magazine

Try a cool magazine rolled up in a stocking for your recipient to enjoy. Think of magazines by hobby, visual design, or anything that might be a great one-time treat.

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers for under $10? Please share in comments!

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