8 Easy Beauty Tricks to Hide Your Flaws (Not That You Have Any!)


Many of us have parts of our bodies that we absolutely love. Alternatively, many of us have features we'd like to change or at least temporarily modify using makeup or other methods. I'm an advocate for embracing your uniqueness in all its forms; however, even I look for new ways to cover pimples or banish my dark circles.

Here are some quick, clever ways to hide your flaws using a few beauty tricks. (Related: 24 Places to Buy Inexpensive Natural Beauty Products)


You don't need expensive, invasive plastic surgery to look your best (or at all, ever). If there are areas of your face that you would like to highlight or, in turn, recede into the shadows — learn some basic contouring techniques. For example, you can detract from a large nose or sharpen cheekbones with some well applied bronzer or darker foundation. Conversely, you can call attention to specific areas using powder and even a light-colored concealer. Beware, though, a little goes a long way and blending the two is key. You want to enhance your features, not "paint on an entirely new face."


Most of us have imperfections in our skin like dark spots and those dreaded adult breakouts, which I — myself — get all the time. Start with clean hands, as dirt and grime will only irritate zits more. After applying foundation, use a concealer with cool undertones to counteract the redness and, if you have one, blend with a brush for a flawless finish.

Lighten Up

For dark under eye circles, use a creamy, light concealer that won't invite cracks to appear — you can even use your standard foundation in a pinch. And you only need to apply the product to the actual dark crescent, not the entire under eye area. Finish your face with a translucent powder to set.

Draw In

Have sparse or nearly invisible eyebrows? I sure do. I don't go anywhere without drawing in a bolder brow with a pencil and even shadow. I simply use a pencil or even shadow and follow my natural brow shape. A little clear mascara will keep unruly hair in line. It's an easy, dramatic way to draw attention to your eyes and give your face more structure. (Related: 14 Beauty Products You're Using That Actually Do Nothing)

Plump Up

If you'd like to enhance thin lips, it's an easy fix. First, brush lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate dead skin and create blood flow. Use a colored lip balm as a base to moisturize. Then, employ a few makeup tricks — including using foundation to highlight around lips, lightly penciling them in, and finishing with a gloss for shine — to get the pout you're after.

Brush Over

I've seen those over-the-counter serums that promise thick, luxurious eyelashes. I'm skeptical, especially since I've read many can darken your overall eyelid area. To temporarily pump up the volume of your lash line, start by choosing the right formula (or two) and shade of mascara. Invest a few dollars in a curler and some eyeliner. And then just curl, line your upper lid with eyeliner, and apply several layers of mascara for a full finish.

Fake Bake

For any body imperfections, ranging from chest/back breakouts to cellulite, a summer glow will go a long way. Of course, to keep your skin happy for ages to come, you'll want to apply tanning solution versus sit out for long hours risking sun damage. This guide to at-home tanning should help streamline your process. You'll want to start with smooth, exfoliated skin for the best results. Beyond that, it's best to focus on big areas — like legs and arms — and then cut your product in half with regular lotion to avoid dark ankle and wrist streaks. Be sure to apply a moisturizer daily to keep your glow stronger, longer.

Hide in Plain Sight

If you color your hair, you know the dreaded re-growth roots, including grey hairs, come in only a couple weeks after a session. You can hide them temporarily and go longer between colorings by using dry shampoo, parting your hair in interesting ways, and creating more volume overall.

How do you hide your flaws? Please share in comments!

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