7 of the Most Innovative, Useful, and Insane Desks


While you may not think about how your desk and workspace affects your productivity, recent studies show that there are definite links between office space and output. From standing desks to a giant desk shared by everyone in the office, here are seven of the most innovative and functional desks that improve your workspace and the quality of your work. (See also: 11 Affordable and DIY Standing Desks)

1. Multi-User Desk for Humans and Cats

Whether you work from home or in a cat-friendly office, this multi-user desk — designed for humans and cats — is perfect for the cat person. With holes and passageways to explore and plenty of hiding places, this desk is functional and will satisfy your cat's curiosity. Designer Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture says, "It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats." Perhaps because research shows that bringing pets to work can reduce stress in the workplace, it looks like "Catitecture" (architecture designed for cats) for the office is here to stay.

2. The UpWrite Whiteboard Standing Desk

Do you sit at a desk for eight hours a day, but also go to the gym before or after work? You would be what Australian researcher Genevieve Healy, Ph.D. calls an "active couch potato." In fact, sitting all day has been dubbed as the "new smoking.". Perhaps because of the increasing research on the negative effects of sitting all day, treadmill and standing desks are certainly becoming more popular.

The whiteboard standing desk features a whiteboard top, which works with both wet and dry erase markers, for people who are constantly jotting down notes. It's adjustable so that you have the option of sitting down, and its cable management channel works with a treadmill. It can also hold up to 300 pounds. It's a little pricey, but worth it if you want to improve your health and the environment by eliminating all those sticky notes.

You can also turn a regular desk into a standing desk with adjustable desks designed to place on top of your desk, such as the Varidesk.

3. The Ninja Standing Desk

If you are looking for a more affordable standing desk that is a space-saver and easy to install, the Ninja Standing Desk is an excellent option. They have several models to choose from, and you can install them in a matter of minutes with the easy wall mounts, or you can put it on the back of a door if you have an extra tight space. The website also includes a video that shows you step by step how to install the desk and how to adjust the height.

4. Stair/Storage Desk

If you are looking for a home office desk that is extremely functional, this stair/storage/desk combo offers an innovative space-saving design. It's perfect for a studio space with a loft; the three parts connect two floors and provide a storage space and a place to work. It was designed by Studio Mieke Meijer for his residence in Wassenaar. If you are just looking for extra storage in a desk with a sleek design, the Treasury Table desk has a clear top so that you can quickly and easily find what you need.

5. Also_Chair

This desk is exactly what the name indicates. It is also a chair. The Also armchair is designed for small spaces and rooms. It's a reading chair, and when you flip it 90 degrees, it's also a single desk or work table. It also has storage for books, and it is made with materials that make it affordable.

6. The Workbed

Another multifunctional, space-saving desk is the Workbed, which, with the click of a button turns a spacious workspace into a bed. While you have to clear the desk or strap in the mattress every time you flip it, the Workbed offers a lot of storage space and lots of room to work.

7. Superdesk

Perhaps the most insane desk on this list is the giant Superdesk designed for the Barbarian Group to encourage collaboration with a single surface of a continuous resin desktop. Everyone in the company sits at one insanely large desk that dips and snakes its way around the open loft space. It also features archways, cubbies, and couches to provide personal storage and the option of working on a laptop in a more personal space. This 4,400 sq ft, creative desk was designed by architect Clive Wilkinson with TBG's philosophy in mind. The New York-based company calls it "a desk that we could all share…to keep people and ideas flowing."

Have you seen or used any insane desks? Please share in comments!

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