6 Ways Angie’s List Saves You Money


Whether you've got a big home improvement project planned or you're just looking to get your A/C unit repaired, you'll need to know how and where to find a service provider that fits the bill and is worth the price.

But how do you know that a deal really is a good deal? And how can you be sure that the repairman you're letting in to your house is legit? Enter Angie's List.

What Is Angie's List?

Angie's List is a resource that compiles business information from services ranging from house cleaning to HVAC installation and everything in between. Angie's List users submit reviews and ratings to help each other out, plus the reviews and ratings are checked before going up to ensure they're legit. But it you probably want to know if it's worth the cost. Here are six ways Angie's List saves you money.

1. Angie's List Saves You Time

Time is money, people. Sure, if you want to find someone to fix your blinds, you could perform an Internet search for "blind repair [your city]" but then you'll need to do additional research — is this company legit? What kind of reviews are they getting? Are the reviews legit? What's their pricing? Do they have any coupons or deals?

Angie's List compiles all of a company's information on one page, including contact information, trade license information, whether or not a company is bonded and/or insured, any current deals the company is offering, and lots more. Perform a search, check the ratings, pick a provider — done.

2. Angie's List Offers Daily Deals

For bargain-hunters like me, you'll be pleased to find that Angie's List has a Deals section in which select providers in your area offer packages available to purchase for a limited time. Angie's List reviews and ratings are included within the deal so you can see at a glance what others have said about the company.

Here's an example: right now, I can spend $99 for a complete air duct system cleaning with unlimited vents (a $299 value). This is similar to a deal I might find on Groupon, but what makes me use Angie's List vs. Groupon is that I know this company will do a good job — they have an A rating from over 300 reviews.

3. Angie's List Makes Sure It's Done Right the First Time

Using a highly-rated provider helps ensure that a service will be performed properly the first time.

From my own experience: I recently bought a chimney cleaning voucher for $79 from a daily deal website. After the man completed the job, my husband commented that our ShopVac probably could have done the same thing. Now we have to have it redone properly.

4. Angie's List Gives You Confidence

If you know that a company is licensed, insured and bonded, then you know that you (and your insurance company) won't be on the hook for a poor job that they do.

There's a License Check tool on Angie's List that makes it easy for you to know who to call or where to search to verify information that a provider has given you. Since licensing procedures and qualifications vary widely by state and profession, it's important to do your due diligence to ensure that a company is legit.

5. Angie's List Rewards You

Since signing up, I've received several emails from Angie's List prompting to send me rewards — just two days ago I was sent a $20 Starbucks eGift for sharing my thoughts about two service providers of my choosing (easy!).

They also have an AngieCash referral program in which you can earn $25 AngieCash for friends that you refer, and your friend will get $15 in AngieCash upon signing up (this may just be for a limited time). AngieCash can be redeemed in the AngieCash store for things like magazine subscriptions, e-gift cards, Vera Bradley totes, and more.

6. Angie's List Sends You Money-Saving Tips

In addition to ratings across all categories, you'll get monthly magazines sent to your home with helpful home saving tips. I thumbed through the magazine I received yesterday and found several useful home maintenance articles and tips to keep things running smoothly.

If I've convinced you that yes, Angie's List will really save you money, sign up today!

Have you used Angie's List? I'd love to hear what your experience was like!

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