6 Top iPhone Apps for Voracious Readers


Read any good books lately? Maybe you’re actually reading MORE since you’ve gotten that new smart phone? We share a few of the 6 apps we love from a recent My Life Scoop article.

Platform: iPhone
Cost: Free

A mobile companion to one of the top social networking sites for the voracious reader, GoodReads free app does so much, it’s tempting to spend all day using it (and not get any real reading done.) Users can access their GoodReads.com online account to do all the things they would normally do at the website (explore your friend’s bookshelves, add status updates on the books you’re reading, etc.), as well as view thousands of book reviews on popular titles. If your identity is firmly tied into where you’re at on that next great book, this app is the perfect way to track your progress – and let the world know about it!

Local Books
Platform: iPhone
Cost: Free

This nifty search tool from book experts LibraryThing.com gives you a geographic report to all things bookish! Search for bookstores, libraries, book fairs, and clubs – either by distance or by name. If you’re a big fan of author events and book signings, this is the app to download. And if you’re traveling to a strange city, it can alert you to “hidden” book shops you won’t find in the official travel guides.

Do you have an app that keeps you well-read and up-to-date on the newest titles? Be sure to check out all the apps we love at My Life Scoop!

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