5 Ways to Totally Change a Room for Under $50


You want a fresh look for a room ,and you're low on funds. This doesn't mean you're stuck. It just means you need to get creative, spend some time, and invest some effort to infuse newness into your space. Here are five ideas to help you remake a room for $50 or less. (See also: Cheap Home Decorating Projects That Look Amazing)

1. Feng Shui It

Cost: Free!

Feng shui is an ancient art of arrangement with deep design and lifestyle roots. Its main tenants are:

  • De-clutter and make space to freely move around a room;
  • Make sure your space has plenty of light;
  • Have the first thing you see when you enter a room be something beautiful that you love.

The best part about feng shui is that you can get a new look for your room without spending a dime.

2. Paint a Fresh Coat on the Trim, a Wall, or a Door

Cost: $50 or less depending upon the area you want to paint.

Paint can do wonders to change the look and feel of a room. There are a number of high-quality, non-toxic, and affordable options available such as Benjamin Moore Pristine EcoSpec Paint, Yolo Colorhouse, and Harmony Interior Latex that come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors. Painting a whole room can be costly and time-consuming, though painting the trim, just one wall, or the door of a room will give it a fresh feel for minimal cost and time. (See also: 40 Ways to Use Spray Paint for Easy Decorating)

One of my favorite tricks is to use blackboard paint in one small area so that I can draw on the walls (daily!) and write inspirational sayings that keep me motivated. These drawings can be changed regularly to give your space a constant feeling of newness.

3. Change the Soft Stuff and Add a Pop of Color

Cost: $50 or less depending upon how many accent pieces you buy.

If painting feels like a project that's too big for you right now, add pops of color with easily changeable accessories and decorations — pillows, linens, candles, flowers, and repainted picture frames give us the opportunity to brighten up a space and change its look without costing us a bundle. My local thrift shops have helped me find a number of accent pieces for next to nothing. (See also: Finding the Best Stuff at HomeGoods)

4. Frame and Hang Your Own Photos

Cost: ~$40 for a set of 8 photos.

Our smartphones today have incredibly high-quality cameras. Snap some photos, print them, frame with inexpensive frames, and arrange them into a beautiful collage. Need some help and inspiration with this project? Your local Michaels store has a great blog, a knowledgeable staff, and discounts galore on thousands of craft products including frames, mats, photo paper, and hanging hardware. (See also: How to Save Old Photographs)

5. Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose

Cost: $0 - $10

I love to find new uses for old things. Rather than buying vases for flowers, I paint my used glass juice and wine bottles or use mason jars. Hooks help me turn the pots and pans in my kitchen into art while also making them easily accessible and de-cluttering my cupboards. I also use hooks to hang my scarves and jewelry so that they both decorate the room and remind me to wear them. Secure the bottoms of inexpensive wooden fruit crates to the walls to create bedside tables that have built-in shelves. Before you toss anything, think about how it can be remade into something new. (See also: Common Kitchen Cast-Offs You Can Repurpose)

Home decorating doesn't need to be expensive. Creativity, elbow grease, and a bit of time can help you craft a space you love. It's something that you can do on your own or with family members and friends. Share your tricks, tips, and progress in the comments below. Happy redecorating!

Have you re-done a room recently on the cheap? What'd you do?

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