5 Unusual Ways to Open a Bottle of Beer (Without a Bottle Opener!)


When I moved my company to our first workspace, my team and I spent a very long day building and installing new equipment. That long day ended up turning into a long night but we finally finished the job around 10 o'clock. To celebrate a job well done, we decided to make it a pizza and beer night. But, of course, being a workshop, we never thought about the fact that there wasn't anything resembling a bottle opener in our space. Fail.

So, learn from our mistakes! Here are five easy ways to open a beer bottle using everyday items (that aren't bottle openers).

1. Using a Single Piece of Paper

An incredibly easy method that involves folding a piece of paper enough times to create a hard enough edge that can create pressure against the bottle top and open it.

2. Using Another Bottle

If you've got one beer bottle, then you've probably got two! Use one bottle against the other with this easy method.

3. Using a Door Jamb

This is the one I wish I had known about, as there are an abundance of doors and door frames out there! A clever use of an everyday item we take for granted.

4. Using a Spoon

A little less fool-proof than the other methods, this one involves using the spoon like you would a traditional bottle opener. It may take a few times to get the hang of it, but if you've got a spoon and time on your hands, this method is for you.

5. Using a Ring

Not recommended for family heirlooms or rings that are fancy enough that they need to be insured (although that would be an interesting conversation with your insurance agent), but this method is a quick and easy solution to opening a bottle.

How do you get a bottle open when you're short a bottle opener? Please share in comments!

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I use my molars.