30 Awesome Decorating Hacks Anyone Can Do


You don't need to spend a lot or be an expert at DIY or crafting to bring some ingenious decorating solutions into your living space. If you're in need of some easy, budget-friendly decor tips, then look no further. Try out some of these tricks to spruce up your place with minimal to no skills necessary. (See also: Cheap Home Decorating Projects That Look Great)

1. Gallery-Worthy Wall Art

Create your own stunning watercolor art with a new app called Waterlogue. This $3 app converts your smartphone photos into watercolor replications, which you can print yourself on frame-worthy paper. (See also: Inexpensive DIY Art)

2. Command Hook Curtain Holdbacks

If you want something to hold your curtains open, but don't want to drill into your walls, use large metal Command hooks turned sideways on the sides of your windows to act as holdbacks. I have to admit my husband thought of this one for our baby's nursery, and it works like a charm. You can also use them to anchor curtain ties as well.

3. Easy Lamp Shade Redesign

If you have a boring old shade and want a sophisticated touch, try a super simple way to add a strip of color. Use a paint pen or permanent marker in your desired hue to simply color in the shade's seamed edges.

4. Simple Furniture Overlays

Gussy up a piece of furniture by using some ornamental overlays as accent trim. These inexpensive, lightweight decorative panels can be applied to furniture and glass surfaces with glue or other simple adhesives. Check out O'verlays for kits (some even customized for Ikea furniture) and inspiration.

5. Covered Book Decor

Add some style and a pop of color to the books on your shelves by using some decorative paper to make beautiful book covers. You can also use fabric and fabric glue to make book jackets too, which can brighten up shelves and tabletops. (See also: Cheap and Attractive Ideas for Bookshelves)

6. Bed Scarves

Bed scarves aren't just for fancy beds in hotels and magazines. These slim pieces of fabric at the foot of a bed not only add style, but also help protect where people tend to sit or set down items. Make your own bed scarf with a rectangular piece of beautiful fabric, or find an affordable blanket to fold and drape in place.

7. Line Your Shelf Backs

Add some flair to open shelving by lining the backs of the shelves in chic designs. You can line the backs with decorative contact paper, wallpaper, paint, or my favorite option, fabric wrapped cardboard inserts, so that you can easily switch out designs from time to time.

8. Nail Head Designs

Pick up a pack of gold or silver decorative nail heads at any craft store or hardware store to instantly glam up your furniture. Simply trace out your design and insert the nails with a rubber mallet or hammer to make all kinds of great nail head trimmed pieces, such as decorative tables, chairs, and headboards.

9. Plant Stand Tables

Not only are plant stands cheaper than your typical end table, but they also come in a variety of unique designs. Retailers, like Overstock, Wayfair, and garden centers, always have low-priced stands, which you can use as accent tables in a hallway, in an entryway, or next to a comfy chair.

10. Wine Rack Towel Storage

Convert a small wine rack into a towel holder in the bathroom for some decorative function. Just roll towels up and they fit perfectly in the rack. For a space saver, attach a hanging wine rack to the wall to create a beautiful row of stacked, rolled towels.

11. No-Sew Pillows

Pillows are a great way to add real designer appeal on a budget. Using just an iron, adhesive seam tape, and a yard or two of some good-looking fabric, you can easily make some low-cost, no-sew pillows.

12. Gold Leaf

What better way to make something look more luxe than to use a gold leaf adhesive pen or gold leaf kit you can find at a craft store? Try coating a picture frame, filling in a mirror border, or decorating plain old jars and pottery to give ordinary items a rich look.

13. Shower Curtain Drapes

You can save a bundle and skip buying expensive curtains by using some nice-looking fabric shower curtains as drapes. Shower curtains can easily be hung grommet-style on curtain rods, and heavier weight options act as great blackout drapes. (See also: Easy DIY Curtains)

14. Painted Stools

Rather than spending a small fortune on designer stools, just buy some plain old wooden bar stools at any discount home store for about $20 each. Using a quick coat of your favorite spray paint or applying stencils and patterns, you can easily transform your plain finds into glamorous little side tables or cool seating. (See Also: 40 Ways to Use Spray Paint for Cheap and Easy Decorating)

15. Placemat Tabletop

If your end tables or night tables are scratched or watermarked, an easy fix is finding an attractive placemat to use on top. Cut mats to size or use as is for an instant tabletop update. Double stick tape works great for keeping your new tabletop in place.

16. Decorative Hanging

Spruce up your bathroom, entryway, or mudroom by screwing cool knobs, finials, or hooks to the wall to hold your towels, keys, or bags. You can find vintage options at flea markets, or score cool finds at Knobs 'N Knockers and Anthropology.

17. Multi-Functional Consoles

Forget about buying a big, expensive buffet, and just use an affordable console or sofa table in your dining room or living room instead. Consoles are usually about the same height as a tall buffet and can be dressed up or down with a tablecloth or runner, or they can be repainted. Check out places like Walmart, Lowe's, and Amazon for some attractive options under $125.

18. Plates and Chargers

Hang a collection of beautiful plates or chargers on your wall for a great look. Pier 1 always has great chargers for affordable prices, while flea markets and even plates from IKEA can yield some nice options. To keep your finds safely attached to the wall, use special plate hangers, found at most hardware or home stores.

19. Sea Glass Filler

Sea glass, also known as beach glass, which has been pounded by waves and sand, makes beautiful filler in large glass bowls. Use it around a candle in a hurricane lamp, below a bar of soap in a dish, or as a centerpiece layered with shells and sand on a dining table.

20. Washi Tape Accents

Decorative Japanese paper tape, known as washi tape, comes in all types of patterns, colors, and sizes. Use it for a super easy and stylish update to decorate vases, coasters, serving trays, lampshades, and even wooden chairs around your place.

21. Eye-Catching Candles

Using decorative pushpins, velvet ribbon, or sheer tissue, learn how to easily spiff up plain pillar candles, which you can find for cheap at major discount stores. Such candles make awesome accents on a table, on a mantle, or grouped together in a bathroom.

22. Creative Crown Molding Uses

Make your shelves look stylish and organized by using individual crown-molding divider blocks as bookends. Blocks can be purchased for a few bucks at any home store, and you can paint them to your liking. Or, put in a little extra work to make some miniature ledges using the blocks and a small piece of plywood.

23. Easy Centerpieces

For easy and economical centerpieces, use stuff you already have around the house. Fill a white bowl with lemons, or mix a combo of vibrant fruits, like red apples with green limes, in a glass container. Repurposing nice-looking wine, champagne, or juice bottles to hold candles or flower stems makes for another great centerpiece option. (See also: 15 Kitchen Cast-Offs You Can Repurpose Into Cool New Things)

24. Mason Jar Displays

Super cheap mason jars make great decor in a variety of ways. You can use a grouping on a table or shelf with fresh flowers for a shabby chic look, or on the bathroom counter to hold cotton balls and other essentials. In the kitchen, try filling some mason jars with colorful dried beans or candy to keep on the counter as both storage and decoration.

25. Sticker Art

If you need some small, framed wall decor, head to an art or craft store and browse the rows of fabulous sticker collections found in the stationery section. I chose a series of seashells, which I applied to a nice piece of stationery paper and inserted in a cheap, but attractive, white frame for a beautiful little work of art in the bathroom.

26. Chalkboard Paint Decor

A simple coat of chalkboard paint can be both functional and decorative. Paint a pantry door and use as a place for shopping lists and keeping inventory, coat a small piece of wood and hang near the phone for messages, or paint pots to label flowers and herbs.

27. Classy Napkin Rings

Keep your table looking fantastic on a budget by using some cheap napkin rings you can easily make yourself. Simply divide up the cardboard insert from a paper towel roll and wrap each ring with some silk or velvet ribbon. Or, make fabric napkin rings by gluing fabric to your rings.

28. Cool Accent Dishes

Gluing two shells together to make an easy seashell dish saves money and looks great. Use your new dish to hold a luxurious bar of soap or special jewelry items.

29. Duct Tape Storage

Gather up your shoeboxes, plastic containers, and shipping boxes to make some duct tape decorative storage. Duck tape comes in many colors and designs these days, and you just need to tape your way around your container to make for display-worthy, shelf or floor storage.

30. Clever Picture Mats

Picture mats can add some serious cost to your framing options. For an attractive and inexpensive solution, you can easily make your own mats using fabric covered cereal box cutouts. Pick out some cool fabrics and the framing becomes part of the art on display.

What are some of your favorite decor hacks? Dress up the comments thread with your suggestions!

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