24 Little Things You Can Do Faster


In a hurry? Let's speed things up!

1. Don't Tie Your Shoes (Or Sneakers)

Don't bother. Leave them tied and slip them on. They're just loafers with string, after all. Or just wear loafers.

2. Put Laundry Hampers (And Trash Cans) In Corners

Put the hamper in a corner. You'll put clothes in the hamper faster and practice your hook shot.

3. Bring Things Part Way There

Always carry something even if you can only get it part way to its destination. Next time you pass by the object headed closer to its final destination, pick it up, and get it closer yet. Saves you from dedicating a trip just for the purpose of putting something away.

4. Hang Up Pans and Kitchen Utensils

Those hooks for pans and utensils give your kitchen a rustic feel, but also save from having to put things in cabinets and (more important) fishing around for them later.

5. Avoid Traffic and Peak Shopping Hours

For most of us, avoid getting in the car on Friday evenings and rush hours and avoid hitting the supermarket on Saturdays.

6. Take Timed Showers

Those luxurious, long showers – you're clean in 5 minutes and still there for 10 or more. Try putting a timer in the bathroom to prompt shorter showers. This saves on hot water, too. (See also: Take the World's Most Efficient Shower)

7. Cook for the Week All at Once

Cook enough for five, get out the Tupperware, and eat one container for lunch or dinner each day. You might have a freezer full of meals eventually, but then you can take a few weeks off of cooking entirely. (See also: 10 Things to Cook on a Sunday)

Sandwiches don't last for a week all the time, but frozen meals sure do. Then you get a hot, home cooked, microwaved meal at work instead of a dull sandwich.

8. Clean Often

Clean often, and you won't have to dedicate an entire Saturday once a month to keep your house or apartment in order. (See also: Declutter Your Home in 10 Minutes)

9. Use Delivery

The pharmacy in my neighborhood delivers. Saves a four mile trip there and four miles back.

10. Get a Hands-Free Set Up for Calls in Your Car

A few extra dollars spent, and you can charge your phone while you drive or make calls without breaking the law.

11. Listen to Radio News

Radio is still more portable than television, so if you need a news fix, listen to the radio while doing something else. Television, by comparison, usually demands sitting there doing nothing else.

12. Multi-Task the Right Way

That said, get out the knitting while watching television, and you can save time catching up on your shows and your Christmas gifts.

13. Pack Food for Car Trips (And "Go" Before You Go)

The average stop on a car trip adds a half hour at least to the trip. Stopping for a meal and a bathroom break can make a long ride seem interminable.

14. Back Into Parking Spaces

It takes more maneuvering getting in, but makes for a fast getaway.

15. Put Things in the Same Place

Some people are persnickety about putting things away for a reason: They don't want to spend four hours the next day looking for something, so they put things away in the same place every time.

16. Modernize the House

Computerized lights controlled by remote, music systems handled by consoles located at strategic locations, etc.

17. Fence in the Yard

Property and pet owners can save themselves hours of dog walking if they just put up a fence.

18. Throw a Kiss

Looks stupid, but it does saves seconds. Might be a lifesaver someday.

19. Establish the Fastest Route for Routine Errands

People establish routines, and then find out years later they have been traveling an extra mile or two to places they go to frequently. Try the alternate route once in a while and you might find time savers were there all along.

20. Make the Right Stops on a Road Trip With Kids

Stop to eat at a place with table dining, food to go, and a place for the kids to run around. Have the kids run around while the grown-ups eat, then get kids' meals to go. You get a little break from the kids during diner and quiet kids in the car while they eat and cut down on time at the pit stop.

21. Optimize Your Technology

From proper bookmarking to filtering unwanted spam, your computer can help speed up dozens of annoying chores you might be doing every day.

22. Put Up Shelves, Hooks, and Bulletin Boards

How often do we stop at the front door, fish in our pockets for keys, wallets, a pen or paper or sunglasses. You might not need a huge, unsightly shelf in strategic locations. A small shelf, a hook or a small strip of cork can save time in the routine scramble to get out of the house.

23. Make Spaces Smaller

A big kitchen looks beautiful, but cutting it in half would save a lot of time when preparing a meal. Maybe an island counter would provide more workspace and cut down on the unnecessary walking across the room. (See also: Big Lessons From Tiny Houses)

24. Give a Group Hug

Instead of a bunch of individual hugs. Bye all! Gotta run.

How do you save time and cut corners? Use one of the moments you've saved to share in comments!

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