21 Frugal Ways to Make All Your Outfits Look Awesome


Looking like a million bucks doesn't necessarily have to cost that much. These simple and easy tricks can be integrated to your #ootd (outfit of the day) routine to make a vibrant statement with just a few snips and clips, using the wardrobe you already have. It's all about learning to pair the right items together, figuring out unique ways to repurpose and embellish basic pieces and most importantly, accessorizing with the right colors and patterns. All of these fashion statements can be inexpensive and take only a few minutes, if that.

1. Spice Up Your Sandals

Add some flare to your plain old sandals by cutting up a sarong and wrapping it around the vamp of your sandals and around your ankles. This simple addition can spice up any plain summer or spring outfit.

2. Cut It Out

Take an old maxi skirt that's lost its charm and cut it up to create a high fashion, runway inspired skirt by adding your choice of fabrics and ruffles.

3. Reconstruct an Old T-shirt

Take an oversized T-shirt and turn it into a trendsetting crop top dress with cutouts and a twisted keyhole above the waist.

4. Embellish

Turn a casual tank top into a stylish spring fest by sewing or gluing a strip of daisy embellishments to it.

5. Decorate With Clip-Ons

Transform your shoes with a click of a clip and instantaneously go from a day to night look in seconds.

6. Add a Belt Over a Coat or Jacket

Feeling a little chilly but still want to look fabulous over the coat? Add a belt over the layers to seal the deal.

7. Repurpose a Scarf

Turn your scarf into a beautiful headpiece and channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. Add your personal style to it by adding a bow, lace, or other frill on the top or side to complete the look.

8. Mix Up Prints

Think outside the box and combine two opposing prints to create a bold and sassy outfit. Some great groupings include florals with stripes, animal prints with lace, and denim with Aztec patterns.

9. Pair Denim With Denim

Toss out the typical T-shirt and jeans look and go for denim-on-denim. You can create a nice color block effect by mixing lighter shades with darker ones and accessorizing to taste.

10. Make a Statement in Printed Hose

Spice up a solid colored outfit by adding a printed pair of pantyhose that becomes the focal point and stands out in any crowd!

11. Pick the Right Frames

Add the perfect pair of sunnies to compliment your face by choosing the right one for your face shape.

12. Add a Floral Headpiece

To soften up an outfit and create an ethereal look, consider adding a floral headpiece.

13. Tank-Formation

Turn a tank into a feminine off-the-shoulder top by cutting off the sleeves and tying two knots on one side. No sewing required.

14. Add a Rope Belt

Use a rope or a scarf as a belt with any loose top or dress to accentuate your waistline and create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

15. High-Waist, High Fashion

High-waist fashion has been all the rage for the last couple of years and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Say "Bye Felicia!" to old mom jeans by reinventing them into high-waisted shorts you can wear all summer long.

16. Wear Knee High Socks With a Dress

Remodel your short dresses in colder climates by adding knee high socks to your outfit. It's a great way to keep warm and be in vogue at the same time.

17. Stack Your Bling

Bling at its best! One of the easiest ways to take an outfit from drab to fab is to stack your bracelets, watches, and bangles to create a killer arm party.

18. Add Buttons

For an extra textured design and spunk, you can add buttons to almost anything; tops, shoes, jeans, dresses, belts, and more.

19. Add a Pop of Neon

Adding neon to your outfit is a fun way to draw more attention to the rest of your ensemble.

20. Metalicize Your Shoes

Create a trendy metallic toe cap in minutes by adding spray paint to your solid colored heels.

21. Go for a Colored Blazer

For a more conservative yet chic outfit, go for a colored blazer rather than the typical black or grey blazer. A vibrant colored blazer can be the perfect finishing touch to a cocktail dress or act as a transitional piece to throw on after work to go on a date.

How do you make an outfit look awesome? Please share in comments!

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