20 Simple and Stylish DIY Clothing Projects for Women


Want to update and personalize your closet without spending much cash? Before donating or tossing your old or unworn items, check out these 20 genius tutorials guaranteed to jazz up your existing wardrobe on the cheap. There are projects for the complete novice (like me) to enjoy, but I've also included a few more advanced items to keep more experienced stitchers happy. (See also: Make Your Clothes Last Longer)

1. Maxi Skirt

All you need is some jersey fabric, 15 minutes, and the skills to do one stitch to make this cute maxi skirt. It goes well with more casual outfits but dresses up nicely.

2. Galaxy Shirt

This galaxy shirt is definitely artistic. You'll bleach some spots of a dark shirt and then use sponges and a toothbrush to paint the rest. For a video of a similar look, check out this tutorial.

3. Shirt Dress

This upcycled men's shirt dress takes some sewing skills, but it looks worth the effort. I like how the tutorial isn't too technical, though.

4. Boxy T-Shirt Scarf

Whether you're looking to hold onto some memories or just add a new, eclectic accessory to your wardrobe, this t-shirt scarf fits the bill. It's also a great way to clear out your closet!

5. Loopy T-Shirt Scarf

My best friend made me this beautiful t-shirt scarf for my birthday last year. I always get lots of compliments on it!

6. Bow Tie Top

This simple bow tie top is a good introductory sewing project and would go with jeans or skirts. Though the tutorial is for sewing from scratch, I think an old shirt (cut to size) and a thick ribbon would work just as well.

7. Elastic Waistband Dress

This next project — the elastic waistband dress — is great if you have an old tank top and rogue yard of fabric you need to use. The author notes this dress works well for regular wear and maternity.

8. T-Shirt Skirt

File this one under super simple: A 5 minute no-sew skirt from a t-shirt. I want one in every color.

9. Cutoff Shorts

Retail giant American Eagle shows readers how to make diy cutoff shorts, but I'm sure this tutorial works with any type of denim. Just make sure you cut below the inseam!

10. Trendy Shorts

Save yourself $60 and enhance your old denim by it into trendy shorts. The best part: You can decorate them to fit your own style, not some designer's. The author made nine pairs for less than $10.

11. Copycat Sweater

I love a good copycat pattern. The author of this Anthropologie-Inspired Sweater says her top cost only $8 versus the $88 of the store version. I'm a sucker for a ruffled hem.

12. Sweater Slippers

The temps may have warmed up considerably, but I still like sweater slippers for those unexpected chilly mornings. It's a fine way to upcycle a sweater that has pilled.

13. Bina Wrap

The Bina Bianca Wrap is a really versatile, loose cardigan. A light jersey fabric would make this piece comfy for cool summer evenings.

14. No-Sew Cardigan

If you have an old sweater you no longer wear, try changing it into a cardigan with this no-sew method. I am a huge fan of iron-on hemming tape.

15. Belly Band

Pregnant ladies will love this DIY Belly Band. It allows you to wear your "normal" jeans as you grow and, therefore, save money.

16. Wrap Dress

This gorgeous no-sew Wrap Dress is labeled as a maternity tutorial, but its flowing design would work for any woman's shape. The braided details are my favorite part!

17. Tulle Skirt

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw by making this voluminous Tulle Skirt. If you bulk up the layers of tulle, it might even make an adorably frugal wedding dress or bridesmaid dress option.

18. Peplum Top

Grab a old t-shirt several sizes up and sew together this hip Peplum Shirt. This video tutorial requires some sewing, but I like how the pattern is loose.

19. Lace Shorts

The secret base underneath these Lace Shorts? White boxers! From there, you can customize them any way you want.

20. Embellished Top

Connect with the artist within you by making this surprisingly sophisticated Puffy Paint Top. You can go as simple or complicated as you can handle.

What's your favorite DIY clothing project? Please share in comments!

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