20 Cute and Frugal DIY Clothes You Can Make for Your Kids


We recently covered some inexpensive ways to update a woman's wardrobe. Now? Well, it's time for the kids to get in on the fun! These projects cover the spectrum of sewing abilities from novice to expert — and many of them even use clothing you already have sitting in your child's (or your) closet. So, before you head to the donation center, check out these tutorials. (See also: How to Save on Special Occasion Clothing for Kids)

1. Legwarmers

When my daughter was born, I spent a mint on baby leggings. Making your own version out of women's knee-high socks is super simple — I wish I had found this website sooner!

2. Pillowcase Dress

This project would make use of mismatched vintage pillowcases, though many choose to just use fabric for this tutorial. It works for a variety of ages, from baby to little kid.

3. Pillowcase Romper

If you want to take this dress a step farther, check out this adorable pillowcase romper. Requires a bit more sewing skill, but can still be completed in under an hour.

4. Leggings

Those fashionable hand-stamped leggings are expensive. Making them at home — with these instructions — costs only a fraction of the price.

5. Stenciled Shirt

For more fabric paint fun, try this stenciled shirt. You can go as creative as your ability allows.

6. Stamped Shirt

This next shirt uses pipe cleaners for a neat arrow stamped design. I wonder what other shapes you could bend!

7. Cardigan Onesie

I can't think of anything cuter than this DIY cardigan onesie with interchangeable bowties. The project takes some skill, but the tutorial is detailed and easy to follow.

8. Suspenders

If you need to dress your little guy up fast, slip him into these quick suspenders. No craftiness necessary, just felt, clips, and a little hot glue.

9. Tutu

For a special occasion or just dressing up, this basic tutu fits the bill. You can also lengthen your pieces of tulle to make it a dress.

10. Skinny Jeans

Try making these bright blue skinny jeans for some fun in your kid's wardrobe. You can use a pair you already own as a pattern.

11. Undies

I can't wait to try making these fun and colorful undies once my daughter is fully potty trained. You use old T-shirts, making it a great way to use up something old to make something new.

12. Revamped Pants

These color "dipped" pants are a smart use for all that second-hand clothing you might have laying around. I also love how they're unisex.

13. Nightgown

The author of this nightgown tutorial promises it will come together in just 10 minutes. Just morph an adult t-shirt into a nightgown for a little girl.

14. PJs

And let's not forget the boys! You can quickly make Little Man Pajamas from a men's XXL shirt.

15. Shark Towel

We're all getting ready for those endless summer days spent at the pool. Your kid will love this hooded shark towel to dry off and relax in.

16. Shortalls

These DIY shortalls could be dressed up or dressed down. Customize them with a splash of patterned fabric.

17. Shorts

For some much-needed play pants — try these jersey shorts. They are made from old t-shirts and feature a cool bleached design.

18. Romper

Turn one of those old, neglected sun dresses into a bubble romper. Perfect for summer.

19. Sweatpants

Another great upcycle find! Use an old adult sweatshirt to make the legs of these easy sweatpants. Bonus points if you can find one with pockets like the hoodie in the tutorial!

20. Vest

Turn a plain old jean jacket into a tribal denim vest! This website has a lot of other genius projects as well.

Have you put together any fun DIY outfits for kids lately? Please share in comments!

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