17 Ways to Enjoy Greek Yogurt


Maybe it's because I live near Chobani, one of the largest manufacturers in the entire country, but I am obsessed with Greek yogurt. As a vegetarian, too, I am always looking for tasty, convenient sources of meat-free protein to add to my diet. To avoid added sugar, I usually go for the plain variety, but that doesn't mean this healthy stuff can't be dressed up from time the time. (See also: Yogurt: Should You Make Your Own?)

Per cup, nonfat Greek yogurt contains 17 grams out of the daily recommended 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men. So, here are 17 smart and surprising recipes to tantalize your taste buds plus three helpful tips for how to make Greek yogurt your new favorite ingredient.

1. Chocolate Cake

You'll enjoy the goodness of Greek yogurt in both the base and frosting of this chocolate cake. Top with crushed cookies or even fresh fruit.

2. Cinnamon Buns

These Overnight Cinnamon Buns look worth the wait. There's a half cup of yogurt in the actual bun, and I'd suggest replacing the cream cheese in the frosting with more Greek yogurt in equal ratio.

3. Pancakes

Take your morning meal to the next level by adding a dose of lowfat protein to the mix. These 10-Minutes Pancakes are easy to make and only 240 calories per serving.

4. Frozen Bites

Perfect for summer, these Frozen Pomegranate Bites are encased in cool Greek yogurt. Yet another genius use of an ice cube tray and totally adaptable. Use whatever fruit you have on hand! (Related: You Won't Believe How Much You Can Save With an Ice Cube Tray)

5. Yogurt Pops

All my favorite flavors mingle in these chocolate, peanut butter, and banana Greek Yogurt Pops. After you blend the core ingredients, pour into plastic cups or molds. Once frozen, top with melted chocolate and any toppings your heart desires.

6. Tropical Smoothie

Greek yogurt works wonderfully in smoothies and sounds particularly delicious in this tropical mix. I love a quick, portable breakfast that's full of good protein. (Related: 15 Grab-And-Go Post-Workout Breakfasts)

7. Cookie Dip

I'm salivating at the mere idea of this Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt. It has all the flavor without the guilt, and you can use whatever nut butter or sweeteners you have in your pantry.

8. Chocolate Pudding

I most often eat Greek yogurt this way: Combine 1 cup nonfat yogurt with 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder and about 1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup. You can also add vanilla extract to taste. Mix together with a fork until fully incorporated. A healthy pudding snack!

9. Breakfast Bowl

And you can't beat the classic breakfast bowl combining a cup of Greek yogurt, sliced seasonal fruit, and cereal or granola. It's the fastest way to get all the health with an extra punch of flavor.

10. Mac and Cheese

Please the whole family with this Mac and Cheese recipe is incredibly creamy and also full of spinach for some extra flair.

11. Brownies

Who doesn't love a dense, chocolatey brownie? This particular batch contains over a cup of yogurt and seems to have replaced some of the butter/oil and the eggs.

12. Dipped Fruit

Another cool trick (literally): Take fruit — like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, etc. — and dip them in Greek yogurt. Then freeze atop a baking sheet. That's all you do for this good-for-you treat!

13. Biscuits

These Fluffy Greek Yogurt Biscuits are like dinner rolls on steroids. I've made this recipe several times, and I make them savory by omitting the sugar and lemon zest and adding extra pepper.

14. Popsicles

Impress your friends with these Blueberry Greek Yogurt Popsicles at your next party. They're not only gorgeous, but you can also use a wide variety of fruit to flavor the base recipe in equal ratio.

15. Cheese

Yes. Greek yogurt cheese is a thing! And all that's involved is cheesecloth, a sieve, and some patience. Just drain the whey from the yogurt, which takes three days, and enjoy.

16. Deviled Eggs

That backyard picnic is just begging for these healthy Deviled Eggs made with — you guessed it — Greek yogurt. Just boil your eggs, then mix the hard yolks with the yogurt, some mustard, and spices, and you're ready to relax before company arrives.

17. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Delicious strawberry yogurt ice cream is the highlight of this frozen dessert recipe. Just mix all the ingredients together, line a baking dish with graham crackers, spoon on the ice cream, chill, and proceed with the chocolate coating.

Non-Specific Greek Yogurt Tips

Crazily enough, Greek yogurt's viscous reach extends beyond these 17 recipes! True yogurt heads may find the following tips helpful.

1. Make a Simple Swap

I make a habit of swapping out certain ingredients — like sour cream — with Greek yogurt. If you're looking to streamline your refrigerator, check out Stonyfield's helpful guide for subbing in yogurt for butter, oil, mayonnaise, heavy cream, buttermilk, and more. Most are a 1:1 swap.

2. Shop Around

Large quantities of Greek yogurt can cost upwards of $6 or more per container. Over time, that can feel like quite an investment. I recently discovered that a 32 ounce container of Greek yogurt at my local Aldi store is only $3.89, which saves my family around $110 per year from our previous buying habits.

3. Try Homemade Yogurt

Still, if you find yourself grabbing for that container more and more each day, you might consider making your own Greek yogurt at home. All you need is milk, nonfat milk powder, and a little yogurt to get started. The trick is in the straining, which will take around 7-8 hours to let 2 cups of liquid drain and create the classic consistency you're after.

What's your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt? Please share some in comments!

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Use yogurt as a dunker with graham crackers

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One thing I like to do is make hummus a little creamier with plain Greek yogurt. But in general, yogurt is pretty great in savory Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking when you want things a little creamier