10 Super-Cool Ways to Add Hidden Storage to Your Home


Sometimes it can feel difficult to find good storage solutions around the house or apartment. Whether space comes at a premium where you live, you are looking to organize and conceal chaos, or you just want a sneaky place to hide important items, check out some clever hidden storage solutions that anyone can add to their abode. (See also: Efficient Storage With Towel Rods)

1. Headboard Storage

Not only can a headboard be decorative, but it can also be multifunctional when you add in some inconspicuous storage. Check out Ikea's BRIMNES headboard with discreet, shelved storage compartments. The top shelf even has holes for cables or cords, making it extra versatile to keep gadgets near. Or, for an even more concealed look, go for a hidden fabric paneled headboard, which could make for a good do-it-yourself project too.

2. Repurposed Table Storage

For a fairly easy DIY project that creates some cool, hidden storage, try repurposing a vintage suitcase into a unique coffee table or conversation piece. Likewise, you can use a chest and add on some legs in a similar fashion to make a unique end table or nightstand that has plenty of storage inside. (See also: Cheap, Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Furniture)

3. Storage Sofas

Beyond built-in cup holders and armrest compartments for remotes, storage sofas have come a long way. Nowadays, even the most attractive sofas and chaises have options for large, under-cushion storage compartments, where you can cleverly stash blankets or other sizeable items from view.

4. Shoe Benches

A shoe bench is a great item for an entryway or mudroom, which provides ample hidden or open storage below the seat. If you like to build, try some straightforward DIY shoe bench guides to create your own. Or, you can just buy pull out shoe benches, which easily keep shoes organized and concealed.

5. Behind the Door Storage

For some great hidden storage, use the backs of doors. On the back of a laundry room or mudroom door, hang shoe bags to hold scarves, gloves, and hats. In a bathroom with little wall space, install towel racks on the back of the door. On the back of a closet door, install hooks and rods to hold wrapping paper.

And don't forget cabinet doors as well. In the kitchen, you can buy and install some small wire racks or use adhesive hooks to hold things like spices, cleaning supplies, pans, and spatulas on the inside of cabinet doors. In the bathroom, try storing hairdryers and personal care items on the insides of vanity doors.

6. Storage Mirrors

Like a traditional medicine cabinet, you can find storage mirrors to work in other rooms besides the bathroom. You can purchase a wall-mounted jewelry mirror to use in a bedroom or closet to keep your jewelry and valuables organized and out of sight. Or, check out floor storage mirrors with shelves in the back to give you clever storage options.

7. Under Washer and Dryer Storage

Why not use the space below your washer and dryer by putting the machines on storage risers? You can purchase laundry pedestals with pull out drawers, which your machines sit upon. Check home store outlets and Overstock for the cheaper models, or if you are really handy and want to save, you can build your own laundry pedestals. In addition to adding roomy, hidden storage, if you have a front-loading machine, the pedestal will save you from bending. (See also: 5 Great Washing Machines)

8. Concealing Curtains

You can easily purchase curtains, other window treatments, and slipcovers, or make your own coverings with your favorite fabric to hide storage spaces. Some great examples using curtains include turning a bistro table into hidden home office storage, masking contents on a shelf by creating cabinet curtains, making concealed under-sink storage out of an open bathroom vanity, and creating hidden storage under counters and buffets in kitchens and dining rooms. To make it even easier, most of these concealing curtains can be hung using simple tension rods. (See also: 20 Unexpected Uses for Tension Rods)

9. Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage is an easy solution for concealing items and using unused space. You can try purchasing simple under bed storage solutions, like rollout plastic bins, which are also great for under-the-couch storage if you have a sofa skirt to hide them. If your bed is too low, think about buying some cheap risers to create a little space underneath. Or, buy a bed with built-in storage compartments or drawers for some secret storage options.

10. Hard-Working Picture Frames

Make your regular picture frames do double-duty as décor and storage. For easy store-bought solutions, try purchasing wall-mounted picture frame armoires, which can be used to store jewelry or important documents. Another option is to buy front-opening shadow boxes for the plethora of kids' artwork that always gets made. Use the extra space inside these framed boxes to stack other pieces of art behind what's currently on display. Finally, for a nifty, hidden wall compartment, learn to turn a medicine cabinet into a picture frame with secret storage behind it.

What other cool hidden storage ideas can you add to the list? Please hide your ideas in comments!

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