10 No-Sweat Workouts Perfect for the Workplace


Think you don't have time to get in a good workout today? Think again. Even short exercise sessions of 10 minutes, sometimes less, add up to something big in the end. So, if you're regularly skipping the gym and those longer stints on the treadmill, all is not lost. Try some of these simple moves than can be done in the privacy of your office (or anywhere else you might find yourself during breaks and lunch time). (See also: Ways to Exercise in Under 5 Minutes)


The cheapest and simplest exercises you can do at work involve your own body weight and nothing else. Start up a basic pushups routine during breaks or lunch, and even motivate yourself to meet a certain number. This 100 Pushup Challenge is a popular option. (See also: 20 Body Weight Exercises)


When done at the gym, kettlebell workouts blast major calories and can leave you pretty sweaty. At the office, you might consider a lighter approach. Pick up a 10 to 15 pound kettlebell (you can find them in a number of stores — even the big boxes) and try these simple moves that target your whole body.


Bodyweight strikes again with this quiet, but important workout. Our core muscles are responsible for stability and posture, yet we often neglect them. Here are 6 Core Strengthening Exercises that allow you to stay mostly in place. The best part? The routine can be completed in just 15 minutes! (See also: 5 Ways to Improve Your Posture)


Toss your mat in your car tomorrow and stow it somewhere in your office. You can strike a few of your favorite poses and get in some stretching and strengthening — as well as some much-needed meditation — in the middle of a busy workday. If you don't have an office or liberty to wear stretchy pants, consider trying this calming chair sequence.


If you keep that mat at your desk, you can also do some Pilates moves. This core-blasting routine looks tough, but it's totally doable. Again, if you don't have space to do traditional mat work, try this 10-minute Pilates chair sequence instead.

Light Weights

Hand weights are another great office exercise tool that you can find most anywhere on the cheap. This targeted workout promises tank top arms and takes just 10 minutes to complete. Focus on lower weight (think 5 to 10 pounds) and good posture to keep soreness at bay.


No, really. You can actually "bike" inside your office if you pick up one of these handy exercise peddlers. The device is simple and discrete, yet allows you to move your body all day long if you wish. And if you have some foot or leg injury, you can also use it as a hand peddler, which gets your blood pumping more than you might think.

Resistance Bands

You can strengthen your entire body using resistance bands, making them a perfect option for the office. Here are four beginner moves, including flutter kicks, woodchoppers, squats, and bicep curl. A little of everything to keep your muscles guessing.


If you'd rather venture out away from your desk, consider heading to a quiet stairwell — I used to work in a university library, and we had quite a few. That space is just asking you to try this awesome stairway circuit. To avoid getting sweaty, take the moves slow, but concentrate on form and engaging your muscles.


What I love most about walking is that you can find excuses to walk while on the job. Invite a colleague to a walking meeting or take a stroll to ask that question of your coworker in person versus shooting him an email. If you're searching for more cardio, you can sneak in an hour, maybe more, of walking into your day between breaks, lunch, meetings, etc. And recent studies have shown that sporadic bursts of activity throughout the day might be more effective than steady gym sessions. (See also: Why You Should Get Out of Your Office Chair)

How do you sneak exercise into your workday?

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