9 Stocking Stuffers for Techies


Is there a techie in your life who seems to already have everything? While the most on-trend gadgeteer can throw you for a curveball when it comes to big gizmos, it may be possible to surprise and delight with tech items that can easily fit into a stocking. Skip the socks, candies, and orange this year; these goodies are on the top of every geek's wish list! (See also: 15 Great DIY Gifts for Geeks)

1. Inspector Gadget DVD Boxed Set

For the first time ever, Seasons One and Two are available on 12 DVDs, giving your 30-something tech lover a nostalgic way to enjoy the holidays. (And for the Gadget fan who craves holiday spirit, the new DVD "Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas" is the perfect bonus gift.)

2. FitBit One

Getting exercise and counting calories may not seem like a fun way to spend the holidays, but this little gizmo makes a healthy lifestyle somewhat like a game! The tiny FitBit counts steps, sets activity goals, and even tracks sleep — giving the wearer an effortless way to keep health records that can wirelessly sync with your PC for discovering trends and making changes for the long-term.

3. Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods

All Angry Birds fans should have already downloaded the Angry Birds Star Wars II app, but playing with the new "telepods" toys will take the action to a whole new level. Just place these little figurines directly onto the screen of your device via the included telepod base. The characters are collectible, as well as provide for hours of new game play variations.

4. Levenger L-Tech Pen

With the L-Tech Plus Pen, you get the prestige of a classy writing instrument with the practicality of a stylus (because you're more likely to type out an email than transcribe a letter). For those who already own a classic Levenger, but feel left out of the ability to swipe and tap, there are conversion kits priced at much lower than the complete stylus hybrids.

5. Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver

Replica toys are all the rage come Christmas time, but it's nice to find something that has a purpose in the bottom of your stocking, as well. With the Sonic Screwdriver from the 10th Time Lord, you'll get a UV pen, a messaging-revealing light, and sound effects that only other Who fans will understand or appreciate. (Find Screwdrivers from the 11th Doc — with fewer features — also at Amazon.com.)

6. Ticket to SXSW

If you've got a several hundred dollars to throw down on an "experience" gift, then buying a gold ticket to the 2014 Interactive Sessions is an excellent way to spread holiday cheer. The Austin, TX tradition is an event that techies, developers, and gamers won't want to miss, and the free gaming exhibits alone offer days of mingling and hands-on video game interaction. (Be sure to snag a hotel close by as soon as possible — good locations sell out fast!)

7. Roku 3

Streaming video is becoming so popular that many have canceled cable — and barely noticed its absence. With the Roku 3, you'll have access to most of the shows you loved on cable (many for free) and dozens of extra "channels" to amp up your entertainment options. The set-top box is small, taking up less room than a Wireless DVD player, and includes a motion sensing remote that allows for gaming and private audio via headphones. This powerful gadget is almost all you'll need for hours of entertainment this holiday — and beyond!

8. Lego iPhone Case

For the Lego fan, it's always the right time to create, and your phone is now the best place to start a build. The Belkin case for the iPhone 5 is the "official" Lego-branded case, with regulation sized studs covering the surface and ready to become part of your next design! The cases come in a variety of colors, but all protect your phone from damage while inspiring imaginative play. (Find them for the Touch, as well — at the Lego store.)

9. "Deck" Wireless Speaker

There are too many wireless speakers on the market to count, and they represent every shape, size, and color. But does your speaker allow for "heist" mode? The Deck, from Sol Republic, is a wireless speaker the size of a smartphone that lets up to five friends take turns controlling the tunes (hence, the "heist" term). With a wireless range of up to 300 feet and a 10-hour battery life, this is musical freedom in a stocking stuffer!

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Tina in NJ

These are gifts, not stocking stuffers. If it costs more than a buck or two, it goes under the tree, not in the stocking. Doubly so if it's breakable. (We still hang our stockings.) in our house, the stocking is like the teaser on a TV show, the quick tease before breakfast, followed by the tree. As the kids have gotten older, the tree gifts have gotten fewer and pricier.

Guest's picture

I fully agree - I just read your comment after posting mine. It may sound cheap, but we usually do all of our stocking stuffers from a place like the Dollar tree. There may be one expensive ($10) item in the whole bunch. Everything else is < $2.

Guest's picture
Jolynn R.

Any of these sound Great!

Guest's picture

Wow - some of these ideas are pretty expensive for stocking stuffers... I guess there isn't much in the techie field under $50 though...

One thing I always ask for is Spotify gift cards. These are $10 - $20... I little more manageable for a stocking stuffer :-)